6 ways to keep your social media experience positive

I remember my first experience with social media. It’s been quite some time since then - over a decade by my estimation. Since signing up for my first account, I have had an abundance of both positive and negative experiences. It took me a few years to master my social media experience and to make it a rewarding one. This year, I decided that I only wanted to see valuable information, and it was time for an overhaul. I thought I would share with you the 6 tips I found useful while “cleaning” up my social media accounts.

1. Get a fresh start

I deleted my old accounts and started fresh. This way, I didn’t have to go through my entire friend list to pick and choose. I simply deactivated all of my current accounts and made new ones. I had to really think about which pictures I wanted to share, who I wanted to share with and what kind of information I wanted to see every time I signed in.  

2. Only accept friend requests from people you really want to see and hear about

I must admit, I still have a hard time with this one. On a few different occasions I have clicked on a notification informing me that an old high school acquaintance would like to become “friends,” and I have been torn whether to accept or decline. I mean, if we haven’t talked for years, why should I update you on my current life? To me, this serves no purpose.

3. Stop lurking…even when you really want to

Who doesn’t love to look up old friends or exes and see where life has taken them? Once in a while I let curiosity get the best of me, but I also try to remember that not everything everyone shares on social media is true. So, if your old university friend seems to have the perfect job, perfect marriage and perfect house, you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Try not to beat yourself up if you don’t share the same successes. 

4. Add businesses and companies that you feel passionate about

This is one of my favourite tips as it has really helped to transform my social media experience. After recreating my social media presence and outlook, I decided to friend companies and entrepreneurs that I like to follow. Whether it's a beauty company, a chef or restaurant, or maybe even a clothing store, seeing positive ideas and information makes me feel good about what I am filling my mind with. 

5. Remove/unfriend whoever you want without worrying about hurting feelings

There have been times when I have become super annoyed with certain people on social media. Usually because they seem to complain a lot or are just too negative all the time. Don’t feel bad about unfriending these people. It’s your social media feed and you should feel good about what you see and occupy your thoughts with. 

6. Define your purpose for being on social media…and focus on it

I had to think about this for a while and once I discovered the purpose that social media served for me, I was a lot happier with my approach. I decided that I wanted to keep in touch with current friends, my family, get updated on recipes, see updates on what the leaders in my industry were working on, and maybe the odd workout tip here and there. What I wanted to avoid were useless rants, politics, and judgmental people.


Whatever your purpose for social media may be, there are countless ways to increase the value of what you take from it. I encourage you to create a positive platform, share useful information, and keep personal details private. I also encourage you to expect the same from the people and companies you follow. Social media has so much influence nowadays and it’s a wonderful resource when used correctly.