Clever holiday gift ideas


If you’re stuck for gift ideas this season, try something a bit different. While gift cards are the easy route, try some (or all!) of these ideas for friends, family, and loved ones.

Lampe Berger

Who wouldn’t want clean air in their home? A gift from France? Or wonderful home fragrance? Lampe Berger covers all the above. Made in France for over a century, beautifully presented in a gift box, and with so much function, Lampe Berger is an ideal gift for many people on your list, from friends and relatives to clients. For the Christmas season, this elegant limited edition Comet Gift Set comes complete with fuel and will add a touch of glamour and style to any decor. $69 + tax

Sid Dickens

Need a gift for someone special? Handmade in Canada and internationally collected, Sid Dickens Memory Tiles capture a moment or memory that can be displayed singly or in a collection. Over 100 tiles (and meanings to choose from). $82 + tax

Happiness Box

Give someone a year of inspiration. The Happiness Box contains 365 tabs with happy sentences/quotes, one for each day of the year. Made in Canada. $22 + tax

Stocking Stuffers

For the ladies: Why should a woman’s car smell like pine? S/3 air fresheners from Punch Studios come in fun designs and girly fragrances. 

For the men: The Pocket Monkey is a great gift for husband, dad, or teacher. This multi- function tool is a peeler of oranges, screwer of hex-nuts, measurer of lengths, cutter of boxes, opener of beers, etc. ALL THIS in the size of a credit card. $16.99 + tax

For the teenager: A wide angle clip lens from Kikkerland attaches to any smartphone or tablet, and most importantly fits everyone into selfies. No telescoping stick, gadgets, or app required. $10.99 + tax

For the children: Whiffer Sniffers are quality scented collectible plush characters (scent matches each character’s appearance).  Manufactured by Bearington Bear, fragrances are produced in the USA and will last for a year.  $10.99 + tax

Available at Crafted Decor, 232 Queen Street South (Streetsville),