Port Credit's Easter Fair

Ah, Easter. The first big holiday of the year (sorry, Family Day, you're just too new).
Where turkey meals are a plenty, chocolates and candies are in full force, Cadbury Creme Eggs and Easter Eggs are everywhere (kinda like City TV).

While it's been decades since I've actively participated in an Easter egg hunt, I would do a bit of digging/hunting if there was one available.

Good thing the Port Credit BIA can hear my thoughts as they've organized a week long event for kids and adults but mostly kids. 

From Monday March 21st to Saturday March 26th, the shops of Port Credit will be hiding colorful Easter Eggs in their store windows all the way from The East to West.
Now don't expect a four foot tall egg to be what you're searching for.
There has to be a bit of effort put forth!
Find the Golden Egg for your chance to win $100 Port Credit Bucks and several other prizes.
If anyone named Charlie is participating, you've got your name as a good luck charm.
Come down to the YELP Booth at the Port Credit Easter Fair on the corner of Lakeshore Rd. E and Elmwood Ave, from 1-6 PM on Saturday March 26th and say hi!
Share where you found the Golden Egg for your chance to win!
Look for hints on our social media @portcreditbia and our Port Credit BIA Facebook page.

Because as clever as we know you are, a bit of help never hurts.