4 unique family-friendly fitness activities in Mississauga

Fitness doesn’t have to be conventional, and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. When you choose exciting and innovative fitness activities for the whole family, your kids have lasting memories that create a positive and fun relationship with exercise throughout their entire lives. 

The more unique the activity, the more you’ll bond over the excitement. Try these very fun and definitely unique fitness activities that you can do as a family right here in Mississauga!

Play pool with your feet

Image credit:  Baller's Bistro

Image credit: Baller's Bistro

Baller’s Bistro in Heartland Mississauga is home to Snookball, a unique form of billiards that combines soccer and pool. As you stand inside a giant pool table, you use your feet as the cue and kick a weighted white ball towards colored, unweighted striped and solid balls. The aim (much like a game of pool) is to get your designated balls off of the table and into the holes. It’s fun for the whole family and definitely a unique way to get the family active.

Play soccer in a bubble

This activity is perfect for families with children 9 years and up. Place an inflatable bubble over you, leaving only your legs outside, bounce and bump into your opponents and watch them roll away. The great part about Mississauga’s Bubble Soccer is it comes to you. You find a soccer field or rent a school auditorium and simply contact Mississauga’s Bubble Soccer. If you can’t think of a venue on your own, Bubble Soccer’s event coordinator will help you find the perfect spot. The Bubble Soccer teams will set up the bubbles, give you a demonstration and explain the rules.

Jump around on a trampoline park

It’s time to let your inner child out to hop around in Mississauga’s safe yet exhilarating trampoline parks. Air Riderz, located on Ridgeway, and Skyzone, located at Hawkestone in Mississauga, are growing rapidly in popularity due to the unique fitness experience trampoline parks offer. For safety, kids receive their own trampoline space based on age, height and weight. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines. In fact, there are special trampoline fitness classes that adults can participate in while the kids are at play.

Glow in in the dark while you golf

All activities are fun when you glow in the dark. Putting Edge, located at Courtney Park East Mississauga, is the go-to mini golf experience perfect for all ages. This themed 18 hole mini golf route dazzles you with giant glow in the dark mushrooms, jungles, and under water ocean courses. There’s no better way to keep the family engaged than trying a game of mini golf with this unique glowing twist.

Alicia Jones, BH Kin, CPTS is a Mississauga and surrounding GTA fitness expert with over 10 years of experience. She is the founder of Destination Fit, a fitness company dedicated to helping people develop their unique healthy lifestyles. She is a fitness writer, a blogger at Alicia Jones Healthy Living and lead health and fitness expert for Modern Mississauga.