Modern Dining: Saucy On The Side

In this segment of Modern Dining, we check out Mississauga’s newest offering, Saucy On The Side. And yes, if you're thinking "Hmmm, I wonder if it's beside Saucy in Streetsville," you'd be right.

We chatted with owner Robin Drohan to get all the info on this exciting venture from the Saucy family that provides unforgettable flavours, top notch customer service and a place you’ll come back to often.

Signature food item

Like being asked to pick your favourite child, there’s no easy answer. The Power Patty (baked, spicy Jamaican beef patty opened and stuffed with jerk chicken and creamy coleslaw) is pretty hard to beat.

Three word description

High-quality, fresh, hand crafted.

A Chicago Beef sandwich that was consumed entirely (the salad, too) in under five minutes.

A Chicago Beef sandwich that was consumed entirely (the salad, too) in under five minutes.

Seating capacity

40 standing (counter seating available), 12 outside on their new patio.

Type of food

They carefully create homemade, hand crafted traditional food with a current spin. Their kitchen revolves around a hand-built wood fire brick oven, which make for a helluva pizza. Sandwiches, soups, salads and a hot table are also offered.

Chef’s bio

Chef Robin has spent nearly three decades creating delicious meals and is actively involved in menu creation for big brother Saucy. He focuses on old world techniques and full flavours.

What can customers expect?

To enjoy food made from scratch from high quality ingredients and served quickly, efficiently and consistently in a fast-casual environment. If you love a menu item, expect it to taste delicious every single time.



Price range

Mid-level price, high quality food.

Name origin

Quite literally, it’s beside Saucy, the family-owned Streetsville dining mainstay. You could even say it’s on the side of Saucy.
Sometimes, folks, the smartest answer is the most obvious answer.

Type of clientele

Anyone who enjoys great food but is looking for a more casual alternative to a sit-down restaurant. An ideal option for the Streetsville lunch/afternoon crowd.
111 Queen St. South
Mississauga, ON
L5M 1K7
Open 11am-7pm