6 reasons to attend the 2016 Ontario Summer Games in and around Mississauga

For the first time, Mississauga will be the official host for the 2016 Ontario Summer Games – the largest in history – and the entire city is abuzz with anticipation. The games will take place on August 11 to 14 and athletes (ages 12-18) from all regions of Ontario will compete against fellow provinces. This exciting event will include over 4000 athletes, major officials, coaches, and managers engaging in more than 32 different sport activities. Mississauga was chosen as the premiere host for the Ontario Summer Games because of its experienced planners, ease of access and enthusiastic volunteers. The competitions officially kick off with a grand Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, August 11 at 7 pm. at the Hershey Centre. Here’s why you won’t want to miss this rare and exciting event.


The first reason you won’t want to miss the Ontario Summer Games is that there will be a wide variety of sports competed, so if you’re a sports lover or anyone who enjoys a good game, the Ontario Summer Games is the most ideal place to be. There will be over 32 sporting events competed, most of which will be hosted in Mississauga, and these sports include the following:

  • Boxing
  • Diving
  • Kickboxing
  • Karate
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Women’s hockey and wrestling
  • Sailing
  • Archery


Another reason you should attend the Ontario Summer Games is that it’s a great way to inspire the younger generation in our city. The games will consist of athletes ranging from 12 to 18 years old competing in various sports and representing their provinces. Being able to watch and observe firsthand the kind of hard work and success that these young athletes have put in to getting to the Ontario Summer Games can have a great impact on those close to their age. The games may also inspire the younger generation to be more active and start participating in sport activities of their own.


Free admission is also a bonus and another reason you should definitely attend this sensational event this summer. Come and watch any of your favourite sports and support some of Canada’s youth as they compete over the course of four days completely free of charge! Attending the Ontario Summer Games is an entertaining, lively event that won’t break the bank.


Something else to keep in mind at this year’s Ontario Summer Games is the fact that by attending the games, you’re providing support and further encouraging young athletes of Canada to continue with their passions and follow their dreams. A general theme of the games is “Bring It Home,” used to encourage athletes to be positive and finish with their very best. This is one of the many stressed values instilled in the hardworking athletes of the games this summer. Come out to support and cheer on the many talented and good sports that will make the games both entertaining and encouraging.


Another reason attending the Ontario Summer Games will make for a memorable experience this summer is because the games act as a way to experience something as a community and in a community environment. It’s good to be in the loop with all that’s going in our city and to be a part of it. The Ontario Summer Games are the perfect way to do so.


The locations of the events act as a good way to get out of the house and enjoy the day. For instance, Archery is a two day competition, and will take place at Erindale Park. Not only will you be able to watch the competition, but you’ll be in an environment with lots of other things to do even after the competition is over. The sailing competitions will take place at the Port Credit Yacht Club, softball competitions at Dunton Athletic fields, soccer tournaments at the Hershey Fields, and many more locations in and around Mississauga will host these games. Take advantage of the variety in locations and enjoy the day and the game!


The Ontario Summer Games are something you won’t want to miss out on. Consisting of lively and enthusiastic participants, be sure to stop by, watch the games, cheer on all the hardworking Canadian athletes, and have fun!