Six great after-school programs for kids

September is almost over, and the first day of school is long behind us. Now is the perfect time to consider some extracurricular activities. Take a look below at some great after-school options in Mississauga.

Spirit of Math

Spirit of Math is an exclusive after-school math program with many campuses across North America. The Mississauga franchise is owned by Salima and Wahid Mussaji and offers a unique curriculum challenging students with advanced drills, problem solving strategies, logic and critical thinking to produce leaders of tomorrow. 
Spirit of Math challenges students in Grades K-11 who are bright and gifted, introducing them to important math concepts and giving them the foundation to tackle increasingly complex topics.
Students that attend Spirit of Math are from the top public, private and gifted schools, who continue to enroll year after year because they find something unique in these after-school classrooms. Students studying math using the unique Spirit of Math method continue to place on national and international contest honour rolls, some receiving perfect scores every year.
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Wandering Minstrel

Is your kid musically inclined? Schedule a free 10 minute meet & greet session at the Wandering Minstrel, try a trial lesson of your child’s choice for under $30 and see how it goes. Because, if you are raising Mozart, it’s high time you found out. 
Students ages 5 and up can indulge in music lessons at Wandering Minstrel. Whether your kid is a downright beginner who has never had a lesson in life or a seasoned pro who is ready to take on a challenging repertoire, Wandering Minstrel is the place to be. 
With a small investment on an instrument, and no contracts to bind you down, junior can start with a trial lesson, take an opportunity to explore the studio with its possible potential, and meet with instructors one on one. Staff at Wandering Minstrel and Judy Dadd, the owner, are very excited about finding the right size/quality/brand/price range for the instrument of your choice whether you choose to buy or rent your instrument.
Wandering Minstrel teaches Royal Conservatory of Music. Depending on a child’s talent, aptitude and interest, they can take on piano, voice, violin, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, ukulele or flute lessons. This after school program doesn’t have to be another destination. Instructors can come to your home and work around your schedules or you could take guitar classes via Skype online!
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Zebra Robotics - Robotics for Kids

Automation is turning out to be a primary driver of 21st century life and robotics is a booming field of study. Today, robots are fundamental to our everyday lives. No wonder kids these days are very inclined towards experimenting and fixing stuff. Does your little one have a keen mechanical mind? Does she like taking things apart and learning to put them back together? Does he love to create new mechanical things? They would love their time at Zebra Robotics, also known as Robotics for Kids.
Within only a few years in business, Satish Thiyagarajan has aced it with awards at the provincial and national levels. Students from Zebra Robotics have been selected to represent Canada in the Robotics Olympiad! That is big, and we cannot congratulate him enough!
Zebra Robotics offers Coding, Robotics Design & Programming, and Robotics Challenges. Programs are integrated into enhancing a student’s core concepts of Math, Science, Technology and Engineering. Focus is also on problem solving, planning, allocating and executing tasks. Kids aged 7-14 are best suited to participate in Zebra’s after school programs.
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Above Grade Level

Plenty of parents out there are totally focused on their child’s performance at school and want that performance reflected with top notch report cards. If that is you, Above Grade Level is the right program for your kid. It provides one on one tutoring services right in the comfort of your home with minimum distractions by “World Class Teachers,” which means tutors are credentialed teachers or are pursuing advanced university level studies in the subject which they tutor. 
At Above Grade Level, Lyzanne Francis, the owner, believes that when tutors work with kids one on one, unique learning styles can be recognized and accommodated. Every child learns at their own pace and once a kid’s skill levels are assessed, an active learning process can be established. With constant feedback, tutors can continuously fine tune the learning process. AGL offers tutoring in Math, English Language and Sciences, Coaching for High School Credits, High School Exam Prep. Registrations at summer programs here fill up pretty rapidly.
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Ah, Taekwondo! Every kid’s dream! At Magnitude, the martial arts curriculum is taken very seriously. Students up to grade 8 can attend Taekwondo classes at Magnitude, each starting at white belt and slowly graduating to black belt. Fluer Mosler, the owner at Magnitude considers that good upbringing should be infused properly into young minds, and thus firmly believes that Magnitude is a place where friendships are made, respect is learned and kindness and good behavior are cultivated.
The after school program at Magnitude runs Monday through Friday and fresh registration every year happens during May and September. If your children are in a nearby school, Magnitude can pick them up directly from school. Kids will also do their homework, learn arts and crafts and play on the computer between classes.
Magnitude also runs fun filled camps during Christmas and March breaks where kids get to learn Taekwondo and play indoor games, and are very popular among kids and parents.
(905) 820-9355

Creative Kids Place

Do you see Michelangelo in your kid? You’ll want to foster that artistic mind by heightening that spirit into full blossom. Creative Kids Place run by Angela Tadgell is the absolute place for your youngster to be after school. 
Several artistic activities happen simultaneously at CKP and the joy on the faces of children as they create colorful masterpieces is immense. Ceramic painting, stuffing teddy bears, t-shirt painting, scrapbooking, painting, drawing and sketching are a few activities taught here at Creative Kids Place.
Like Magnitude, CKP also picks up enrolled kids if they are within their pick up range and requires parents to take them home after classes. CKP also has very popular birthday party programs and an even more trendy summer camp.
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