6 fall fashions to watch for

After the excitement of summer has settled into a few promising weeks of sun that everyone hopes will last well into winter, comes fall. This is apple picking, wood chopping, crisp air, early sunset season. A time where you might leave the house wearing short sleeves and jeans but you need to bring a sweater – just in case. As much as I love summer, fall is my second favourite season because of fashion. This fall, I’m predicting that the nineties fever of the past year isn’t dying down anytime soon. If you want to rejuvenate your wardrobe, here are my top 6 picks to pumpkin spice up your fall 2016 wardrobe.

Mad About Plaid

Nothing says nineties quite like plaid. Every time I see a plaid shirt, I’m reminded of my grunge rock loving days. Back then, plaid made a triumphant entry into mainstream fashion - not just for lumberjacks anymore. The beauty of plaid is how it has evolved from work wear to grunge to now being a pattern that can look so cool and put together. Pair a plaid shirt with some skinny jeans, a knee skimming boot and a knit sweater for a look that’s ready to run errands, head to school or out to lunch.

Military Chic

I dare you to walk into any store right now and not see racks and mannequins adorned with bomber jackets. Of all the things to come back from the nineties, this is the one trend I’m most excited for. I recall being in high school when only the coolest of kids were rocking these as winter jackets and I missed the opportunity to add one to my collection. Not this time! This time around, colour variety available in the iconic jackets make it hard not to pick one up. I’m a fan of a bomber jacket in army green with some dark skinny denim jeans. Anything camouflage that you have lying around from spring will work well into fall 2016. Just be careful not to mix too many military inspired items together or you’ll risk looking like you’re in uniform.

Leather & Suede

Everyone needs a good leather jacket. If you don’t have one already, consider getting one stat. There is not a year or season that goes by where a leather jacket looks outdated. As long as the cut is classic, you can’t lose. Fall is no reason to run from colour, just change your hues to earthy tones like maroons and seaweed green. Keeping with the earthiness, be sure to mix in some suede pieces for a look that’s so 2016.

Pastel & Feminine

Pastels can be tricky and create this completely rational fear of looking like Easter bunny bait. I am of the belief that any skin tone can rock pastel as long as it’s done right. Pastels can really make you look and feel like a lady. The trick to pastels is to use it as a complement to an element that really pops such as a bold pattern, a jewel tone, or a bold dark shade of the same colour. Even pairing light pastels with bold black accessories is a great way to create contrast. If you’re adventurous, pair that pastel pink with a bright yellow as seen on runways at this year's New York Fashion Week. 

Sequins & Studs

Without generalizing, I’m going to say that most girls like sparkle in some form. Some girls love the sparkle of a diamond, some like way sequins reflect light and command attention, other girls like the dull shine of studs accenting a shirt or an accessory. This fall, there is room for every kind of shine. I would love to see sequins and studs in the same outfit for a beautiful opposition of reflecting light. It is so much fun when you can mix girly and edgy in one. Mix a sequined top with a satin skirt and stud embellished purse for a look that is party/rockstar.

The ever-popular Pumpkin Spiced Latte

While this falls under an accessory, having a delicious pumpkin spiced latte in your hand as you walk through the brisk autumn air watching the vibrant colours envelop the trees is always a hit. Sip on autumn's favourite beverage from your favourite coffee shop, or perhaps be bold and make your own as you smile, knowing that you've got a rockin' wardrobe. Come on, all the cool kids/adults are doing it!


With all the items I need to pick up, every season ushers in some trends that I cringe at. I plan to close my eyes to the culottes that will be making an appearance this season. Also, why aren’t open-toe booties dead yet? Why are they still here? As a shoe, they literally define the confusing transition from summer into winter. For all your local fashion needs, check out Mississauga’s many clothing hot spots such as Square One or the newly-transformed Erin Mills Town Centre. For the deal hunter, check out Dixie Value Mall and Heartland Outlets. Also, don’t forget to support your local boutiques that always offer something unique. May your credit cards be limitless, and happy shopping!