These 6 "healthy choices" are just junk food in disguise

There are so many foods out there being marketed as “healthy,” but if you take a closer look, they are anything but! It’s easy to lose sight of what’s healthy and what’s not with words like “low fat,” “vegan,” and “organic.” They can lead you to assume something is healthy and then you consume too much! But these so-called healthy foods might be slowing your weight loss down. How can you avoid being fooled? Always read the labels. Yes, I’m one of those consumers who likes to examine the nutritional labels at the supermarket. I recommend you do the same.

 Here are some foods typically considered “healthy” that you need to watch out for.

Salad Dressing

You’re trying to lose weight and are eating salad every day, adding your favorite salad dressing. This is where we can make a mistake. Yummy salad dressings are sometimes filled with sugar, vegetable oils, fats and artificial chemicals. So why not make your own? All you need is olive oil and balsamic or white wine vinegar. It will save you money and unwanted calories!

Dried Fruit

Be careful when buying dried fruit as it’s just another bad food in disguise. Try eating fresh fruit when possible and when you do have dried fruit, limit how much you eat to avoid sugar overload.

Healthy Drinks

If the “healthy” drinks you’re consuming have more than 2 ingredients, they are usually filled with sweeteners and are full of empty calories. It’s important to stay hydrated, but the best way to do it is to stick to plain water. Try adding some slices of lemons or fresh fruit to keep it interesting.

Pre-made Smoothies

Many people like to have a smoothie thinking they are consuming a ton of vitamins. But, many pre-packaged smoothies are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Try making your own at home with Almond Milk, Protein Powder, fresh fruit and some greens!  Trust me, you won’t even taste the spinach!

Breakfast Cereals

You walk down the cereal aisle and see colourful boxes claiming to be “low fat” and offering “whole grains.” Some cereals “pretend” to be healthy. Take a closer look at the ingredients, and you’ll see that many of these cereals are full of sugar, refined grains and artificial chemicals. Choose a cereal that has whole, simple, clean ingredients or try some oatmeal instead!

Fruit Juice

It’s hard to believe that something with the name “fruit” can be bad for you. But it is. Even healthy natural fruit juices are simply liquid sugar. Basically, you’re drinking sugar with some added flavour. If you’re trying to lose weight, avoid fruit juice altogether to help keep your diet on track.


Don’t be fooled by “buzz” words, fancy packaging and marketing. Be sure to read the labels and get the real picture. Remember, simple, natural, whole foods are the healthiest.

Did any of these foods disguised as “healthy” surprise you? Let us know, and remember to check out my FB page for more health and fitness tips.