Scaachi Koul Discusses Race and Gender-Equity at The Stratford Writers Festival

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Scaachi Koul grew up the daughter of Indian immigrants in Canada—“a land of ice and casual racism.”
The outspoken BuzzFeed Canada senior writer has a lot to say about a lot of topics, including hot button, controversial issues such as race relations and gender equity.
On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Scaachi will join forces with fellow author Kerry Clare at the Stratford Writers Festival for an exclusive discussion that will include a look at how humour can be used to combat bigotry and discrimination, both online and in their writing.

Scaachi has written extensively on topics such as racism and the need for diversity in the Canadian media, and now presents an alternately biting, hilarious, and touching collection of essays entitled One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter.
The work covers topics such as shadism, sexism, rape culture, fear, friendship, drinking, body image, and online harassment with a mix of her trademark humour, intelligence, and bluntness.

A featured individual in her book is Raisin, Scaachi’s fair-skinned niece who can pass as white. As a child unaware she is “different,” Raisin does not feel the self-loathing Scaachi did when she was young. Scaachi notes that, "She's going to have such a different life than I did," and explores the reasons behind this painful fact. While she is unabashed in talking about serious subjects such as white supremacy, rape culture, and sexism, Scaachi's writing also has the ability to make us laugh while illuminating truths.

The Stratford Writers Festival, held in the artistic and literary town of Stratford, Ontario, will host Scaachi and Kerry at the Knox Presbyterian Church for the Satire, Struggle, and the Female Experience panel discussion. Both Scaachi and Kerry bring strong opinions and sharp humour to their writing, and this rare opportunity to hear both authors together will explore the use of wit to relate the modern female experience and fight against discrimination.

The DigiWriting Stratford Writers Festival will occur from October 20-22, 2017, with events held in various venues around the downtown core. Tickets cost $25 and up depending on the event.

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