7 Easy and inexpensive DIY costumes for Halloween

Images by Treasure Blackstock

Dressing up is one of the best parts of Halloween that everyone looks forward to! Although, sometimes finding that perfect costume can prove itself to be more stressful than fun. Instead, check out these do-it-yourself costumes that won’t break the bank by using materials most people have around the house as well as mixing and matching pieces from older costumes. These seven creative and easy to make costumes will have you ready to go trick-or-treating in no time!


The lovable aardvark from the iconic cartoon show makes an easy and cute costume that’s sure to impress!
What You Will Need: 
-    Yellow long-sleeved shirt or sweater
-    White-collared shirt
-    Blue jeans
-    Brown and pink construction paper or felt
-    Circular framed glasses (you can use construction paper to make them)
-    Headband (to attach the ears to)


This costume will have you saying ‘Yee-haw!’ to trick-or-treaters all night!
What You Will Need: 
-    Plaid shirt
-    Blue jeans
-    Cowboy hat
-    Bandana or fabric (to make an ascot)
-    Brown and pink fabric (to make wristbands) 
Tip: If you have a bandana at home you can use that as a handkerchief/ascot!

Black Cat

This classic costume won’t bring you any bad luck this Halloween! 
What You Will Need:
-    Black clothes
-    Cat ears (can be made with pipe cleaners and a headband) 
-    Jumbo black pipe cleaner for a tail
Tip: Use eyeliner to draw on whiskers and a cute little nose!


You’ll be flying around in this cute costume all night! 
What You Will Need:
-    Red shirt
-    Black bottom
-    Black construction paper (to use for the circles on the shirt)
-    Black and red construction paper and thick pipe cleaners (for the wings)
-    Headband, black pipe cleaners and small red pom poms (for the antennas)
Tip: Use the pipe cleaners to keep the wings on your shoulders!

Ice Cream Sundae

You’ll be looking sweet this Halloween in this cool costume!
What You Will Need:
-    Colourful felt
-    White shirt
-    Brown bottoms
-    White socks (optional)
-    Red and green pipe cleaners
-    Headband
Tip: Wrap the red pipe cleaner all around the headband until it’s a ball then stick the green pipe cleaner into the ball to make a cherry with a stem!


This easy-to-make costume will have you saying “Ahoy matey!” to everyone you see!
What You Will Need
-    White collared shirt
-    Dark pants
-    An eyepatch (can be made with construction paper/material and string)
-    Scarf (to tie around your head and/or your waist)
Tip: Add a square made from construction paper to separate the scarf and give it a more ‘pirate-y’ look!

Minnie Mouse

You’ll have a magical evening in this imaginative costume!
What You Will Need:
-    Black shirt
-    Red skirt
-    Minnie mouse ears (make these with red and white construction paper and a headband)
-    White construction paper (to make the circles)
Tip: Use eyeliner to draw on Minnie’s little nose!

Hopefully these costumes gave you some inspiration on what to be this year! Have a happy and safe Halloween!