Modern Mississauga presents Ask The City - Why has the pavement at bus stops been replaced with concrete?


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Today, we answer a reader’s question about why the pavement at bus stops has been replaced with concrete.  

Why has the pavement at bus stops been replaced with concrete?

The asphalt at bus stops is being excavated and replaced with concrete to strengthen bus stopping zones. 

There are many benefits to this work including improved safety and a reduction of wear and tear on busses and road infrastructure.  Due to warm temperatures in the summer, asphalt is susceptible to buckling from the weight of a bus.  This is most noticeable on high volume routes where braking, acceleration and stopping occurs often.  The ruts that form are a hazard to motorists and cyclists. They can cause water to pool which can freeze in winter and reduce the effectiveness of snow clearing operations. Concrete pads perform better under the weight of the buses as this is a more durable surface. 

City staff is replacing damaged road surfaces at 55 bus landing pads. The replacements are taking place across the City, mainly along primary transit service corridors including Eglinton Avenue and Burnhamthorpe Road. The concrete installations began in the summer. 

This work is being done as a result of funding received through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). This program is a joint funding program between the City of Mississauga and the Government of Canada. Some of the City projects approved under PTIF include the acquisition of up to 80 new buses, the rehabilitation and replacement of more than 200 buses, improved pedestrian and cyclist access to the Mississauga Transitway and GO stations, enhanced MiWay stations and systems as well as trails and sidewalks. These infrastructure projects are helping enhance public transit safety in Mississauga.

MiWay is the third largest municipal transit service in Ontario with more than 80 routes and a fleet of more than 450 buses. Customers board a MiWay bus over 55 million times per year. These improvements are very important to maintaining Mississauga’s road infrastructure and to MiWay service delivery.

For more information about MiWay, visit or call MiWay Customer Service at 905-615-4636 (INFO).

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