The Mixtiles App - An easy way to move your pictures from your phone to your wall

It was by luck that I stumbled upon Mixtiles; it flashed up while I was scrolling through Facebook. The ad showed a man printing his photos through an app onto square canvases and then sticking and re-sticking them where he wanted. I found this incredible, as someone who just went through the struggle of nailing photos to the wall without causing extreme damages.

Mixtiles is a relatively new app, founded by David and Eytan a couple of years ago. The idea was born from a need to get their photos from their phones onto the walls without any damage. So far it’s been successful, with more than 15,000 happy customers in the last year.

The square prints are 8" X 8" and just under an inch thick. They’re super lightweight with excellent adhesives, meaning no issues sticking and re-sticking, even for the daintiest of customer. Plus, for a parent (like me), there’s no worry of them crashing off the wall onto your little ones. Even if they did fall, the impact would be comparable to being slapped with a pool noodle.


Mixtiles are perfect for those who either struggle to make up their minds about the arrangement of their photos, or get bored easily. As a more visual person, I liked that I was able to place them on the wall, take a step back to assess, and then have the option of changing them if I wasn’t happy. It’s also great for people like myself who rent, as well as move homes every year or so (no more losing part of the deposit for little holes, score!).


It’s really user-friendly. To order, you just download the app and then select photos from your Gallery. The app is currently only available for Apple, but I’m told they’re working on an Android version as well. Shipping is fast – you’ll get your order in a week or less.

For $59 for the first 3 photos, then $12 for each additional one, this is a steal of a deal. What better way to convince yourself of your Insta-talent then to print your masterpieces onto canvases like a pro?



If you’re looking for an original, thoughtful Christmas gift – look no further!