Modern Motoring - Reviewing the 2018 Toyota C-HR

Modern Mississauga 2018 Toyota C-HR

Toyota's newest offering, the 2018 C-HR, which stands for Compact High Rider, is another entry in the very competitive crossover/CUV/small SUV market.
For those who are urban dwellers, the C-HR is an ideal choice given its small size, power folding mirrors and narrow-ish body, which is great for squeezing into underground parking spots.
The body style isn't for everyone and with plenty of curves throughout the exterior, it's clearly aimed at a younger demographic.
Inside, there's a diamond motif with plenty of diamond shaped objects, from HVAC controls, door liners and even on the roof liner. Overall, it's a cleanly laid out vehicle on the inside without much clutter.
What's noticeably absent is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; two big attractions in the automotive market today. Also, there's no navigation and Toyota is hoping that drivers will use their smartphones instead. Perhaps future iterations of the C-HR will have that as an option.
Also missing is an all-wheel drive option, which would've come in handy through Canadian winters, regardless of which province you reside in.

On the road, Toyota's small crossover performs well and the drive quality scores high. With a high line of sight, responsive steering, accurate handling and a comfortable ride, the C-HR hopes to attract buyers off Toyota's legendary reliability.

Here's our video review on the C-HR and if you have any comments, we'd like to hear them.