6 fun festivals to check out this summer

Need help deciding what to do this summer, where to go, what to listen to? This list is sure to help. Here are the top 6 festivals to go to this summer! 

6. Electric Elements

Dubbed the "summer kick off party", this two day festival falls on the May long weekend. It takes place at Wasaga Beach, so it has that summer vibe to it- if the weather cooperates. If you're the kind who likes to party on a beach, listening to some of the biggest names in EDM, this festival is one to start the summer off with.

5. Ever After Music Fest

This festival is basically a toned down, shorter, Canadian attempt at Tomorrowland, the iconic music festival held in Belgium. Ever After has that woodsy, enchanted feel to it, taking place in Kitchener. It's only been around for a few years so it's still building itself up. This festival is at the beginning of June, so if you missed Electric Elements, or aren't a fan of partying in potential fridgid Canadian weather, this weekend party might be one more for you.

4. The Toronto Beer Festival

Though my focus has been predominately music festivals, I had to include the festival of beer. If you love beer, and if you love just having a good time, this festival is for you. Alan Doyle and his band are among the musical performers this year, and with their Irish pub sound, and lively music, this festival is guaranteed to give you a great time. Plus, with the huge selection of beer and vendors, how could you say no!

3. Trackside Music Festival

Only in it's second year running, Trackside has made quite the name for itself, being one of the biggest Canadian country music festivals. Held in London, Trackside is the perfect Canada Day weekend party. A step down from Boots and hearts, this two day party is guaranteed to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday right.

2. Veld Music Fest

Each year Veld has something new to offer. Always presenting huge names in the EDM industry, this party is not one to miss. Even if you're not one to listen to the electronic dance music, I would suggest just going for the party and the atmosphere, because it is something spectacular and full of energy. The music is just an added bonus.

1. Boots and Hearts

Boots and Hearts is my number one festival to go to this summer. No need to be a country music fan to enjoy this one. It's a huge party right from the kick off on Thursday to the last performance on Sunday, and better yet, a party for all ages. With the multitude of artists scheduled, and the biggest names in country music set to headline, you know it's the summer party of the year. The best part? You can even bring your own alcohol to this one!