The 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

This Father's Day, we've put together six great options for dad that should certainly put a smile on his face. We made sure to test and read everything on our list and we're confident that these gift ideas are great choices. 
To make a short intro shorter, let's get started!



With music being more accessible that ever and with the volume (pardon the pun) of music constantly increasing, treat dad to a new set of stellar earphones to help him enjoy whatever his musical preferences are.
The Modern Mississauga team travels often and we've done several hours of testing on planes and trains (as well as when we go for runs, walks, bike rides, etc) and it's served us quite well.
The high-fidelity Isolator earphone series, an extension of Etymotic's original 6i earphones. Featuring Etymotic’s renowned sound quality, the Isolator Earphones are a great choice for today’s active lifestyles. They tune out ambient noise, so every detail in the music can be heard. These low-profile, in-ear earphones fit comfortably under hats and helmets and are ideal for commuting, travel and sporting activities.
Check out their website for more information or to place your order.


Napier Murano Backroadz 2.JPG

The good folks over at Napier realize that we're an automobile driven society and have created some stellar options for vehicle camping tents.
We picked up the Napier Backroadz SUV Tent model 13100 and set it up onto a 2017 Nissan Murano SUV. The box said assembly time is 10 minutes...and with four hands, that 10 minute mark was hit. 
The instant benefit of this is that it eliminates trips from the tent to the car and back if you need batteries, food, water, etc. Everything you may have forgotten in the car at night or during a rainstorm is easily accessible as the tent attaches to the vehicle.
This weather and bug proof tent is 9 feet by 9 feet with 7 feet of headroom, 3 mesh windows and wide entrance offer optimal ventilation and accessibility and comfortably sleeps up to 5. 
We enlisted our good friend Shaun to help us set up and documented the process via video, which you can see below. 

If you're interested in exploring the great outdoors with your dad, family and friends, head over to Napier Outdoors to pick up one of these great tents


Sound Oasis has created the world's smallest white noise machine to help dad get a better night's rest. Whether at home, in a plane, train or automobile, help dad relax with the gift of rest.
Just how small is this white noise machine? The dimensions are 1.6" x 1.8" x 0.75" and it weights a paltry 0.04 lbs. Includes 10 different tones of white noise, with tone adjustment with continuous sound (no loops here) and there's up to 25 hours of run time per charge.
And yes, it comes with headphones so no one else in the room is disturbed.
Check out their website here.


As it's Canada's 150th this year, we stumbled up on an absolutely remarkable book that tells the important and unforgettable story of the impact this private corporation and its design and branding strategies had on a nation’s economic development and image – and will be a welcome addition to the bookcases, coffee tables, and cottages of history buffs, art lovers, and aesthetes alike.
Originally released in late 2015, there's a new Premium Edition, complete with a handcrafted collector's case made from wood veneer, large scale reproductions of advertising posters and is a stunning collection of images that document a crucial role in Canada's history.
To place your order, click here.


If you're camping, hiking, biking or any other outdoor adventure with dad this year (or any year, really) the Lifesaver Water Bottle makes a practical gift this Father's Day.
While we're fairly certain you'll almost always have drinkable water on your adventure, it's good to have a portable system that will filter water for you and keep you hyrdated.
The short version is that it can literally turn muddy water into drinkable water in a very short amount of time via its microbiological water filter that uses ultra filtration technology to filter out any viruses bacteria, cysts or parasites in any drinking water products. The LifeSaver technology also ensures you only ever drink filtered water because when it is ready to be replaced, the device will simply stop working.
It removes 99.99% of all viruses, and 99.9999% of all bacteria, filters and purifies cloudy water, giving you clean, safe to drink and filtered water regardless of where you are.
It delivers up to 6,000 liters of clean water holding up to 750ml at any one time.  
For more information or to order one, click here.


Help your dad take pride in his ride through Armor All’s Premium Wax Kits, which will make his vehicle shine throughout and give it that detailed look, without spending tons of cash on a professional deailer.
The kit consists of Premium Wash Wax and Protect, Cleaner Paste Wax, Spray Detailer, Liquid Cleaner Wax, Extreme Wax Cleaner, Protectant Wipes, Air Freshener and Microfiber Cloths.
This household brand is a staple in our garage as it's oh-so easy to use and effective.
From our 1987 Volvo 240 DL in the early 90's to our current vehicles, we're happy to say that Armor All keeps our cars clean, inside and out.
“There was a time when waxing your car was a necessity of preserving your paint job,” says Megan Currie from Armor All. “Today’s vehicles have a clear coat that protects the paint, but it is still necessary to get wax on your car for added protection and a beautiful shine that will make your car or truck look like new.”
While the clear coat — a resin that shields a car’s paint job — adequately protects your car from the elements, it is prone to scratching, swirl marks and collecting dirt. Applying a coat of wax helps preserve and bolster the clear coat while resisting dirt, dust and water; a good wax will make the water bead and run off as well as enhance depth of colour and shine.
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