Learn about the Mississauga Newcomers Club

Do you enjoy a game of bridge?  Does a restaurant breakfast or lunch appeal to you?  Or perhaps participating in a book club discussion would pique your interest.

These activities and others are available to men and women who join the Mississauga Newcomers  & ACORN Club (ALUMNI CLUB OF REORGANIZED NEWCOMERS.) an all volunteer friendship club that's under the auspices of the City of Mississauga. 

To cite the title of the current Broadway musical "COME FROM AWAY" that emphasizes hospitality and friendship in Gander Newfoundland would also seem to apply to members of Newcomers.  They are from such diverse areas as India Switzerland and Brazil as well as various parts of Canada and strive to improve the Mississauga community.

Terry Tomko, a native of Belgrade Yugoslavia (now Serbia) who has been an active member since 1997 says other than church she would not have had an opportunity to meet new people and build friendships without club participation.

Anastasia Tolias from Toronto who has been a member for about five years describes herself as a first generation of Greek heritage. She is beginning her third year as president of the club.

During her tenure the club's efforts have included donating to a food bank and working on the Archives and history pertaining to the club.  Anastasia says the group's volunteering efforts have made "Our club activities so vibrant and delightful to look forward to."

Several members of the club laud the concept of newcomer club.  Brenda Green, who originally hailed from North Dakota, and has chaired one of the Mississauga Newcomers book clubs for several years says "If you are a transferred empty nester it is a great way to make friends.  It is a big plus, especially when you are sharing similar interests  .  Brenda's first experience with a newcomers group was in the Maritimes.

David Wood an Englishman and the club's treasurer for four years agrees.  He and his Jamaican-born wife, Marcia Swaby, were members of the Calgary newcomers during their tenure in that city.

"When you are in a new town it gives you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests.  You can hit the ground running."

Ellen Wilson, who originally hails from South Africa has been a member of Mississauga Newcomers since 1994 and is a previous treasurer of the group.  She too has been in other newcomer groups in North America and supports the concept.

"You make good friends when you get involved in activities and events". 

The club began as the Mississauga Newcomers Club in January 1970.  When the usual run of two years for a newcomers club was completed, members were so happy with their connections that they did not want to disband.  Thus in September 1973 an alumni club, ACORN  was formed for Mississauga Newcomers who had been in the club for at least two years.

Through the years this group has continued to have general meetings and interest groups, and to develop friendship by sharing interests and hobbies with each other.

The club welcomes new members.  For more information, call Shirley, recruiting chair at
905-820-2662 or visit mnac.weebly.com