Modern Artist – Aaron De Sousa

Mississauga’s Aaron De Sousa has spent nearly his entire life enveloped with music and now this young and talented artist has released his debut album, “Closer To The Light" which is available via iTunes 
His introduction came at age 6 via piano and proceeded to engage in the Royal Conservatory of Music to Grade 10. He took what he learned and applied it as a foundation to catapult into his own creative realm. It was around this time he started experimenting with songwriting and continuously strove to improve his craft. 
Aaron was greatly influenced by a creative writing course in high school and that was his favourite class because he saw it as another outlet for him to create. Since songwriting, in essence, is a version of creative writing, it was natural for him to blend the two together and improve his craft.
The singing came naturally in his youth but he actually started formal voice lessons at age 20.
A short two years later, he started the prestigious four-year degree program majoring in vocals at Humber College, one of the most respected and acclaimed music programs in North America. He successfully graduated in 2014.
Attending Humber and having his network expand vastly was the catalyst for De Sousa to realize that music could very well become a career for him.  As he delved into his education, he decided that trying to make a career in music was something he was going to move forward with.

He’s been passionate about music from a very young age and that love has always been part of who he is and his time and growth at Humber accentuated that. He keeps in touch with his friends from school and goes on to say “I’m inspired by not only popular artists but also from my peers.” 

I asked Aaron why he chose “Closer To The Light” as the album name (which he decided to start work on in autumn 2016), to which he responded: “When you create and being and artist, you’re shedding light on who you are as an artist, human being and person and allowing it to reflect your personality.”
The lead single “Wings Of Love” was written a few days prior to the Orlando nightclub tragedy and in the aftermath, the song meaning intensified.
Of the songs lyrics, Aaron says: “It’s about allowing love in your life because I think we focus too much on what’s dark and what’s mean and what’s wrong that we forget that there’s still love and goodness and kindness in the world.”
What you’ll find music-wise on his nine-song album are varying influences including of rock, pop, R&B, country, dance, reggae and funk.
“Some of my favourite albums are ones that aren’t limited to just one genre…Tapestry by Carole King,  Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette…I’m influenced really by a bit of everything” says Aaron.
This is also due in part to his personal musical influences, including Lady Gaga for her wide skill set, Pink, who inspired him to begin songwriting, Adele for sincerity and authenticity and Celine Dion for her vocal prowess.

Aaron also teaches piano and vocals at the Mississauga Academy of Music for the past 5 years and is performing as often as possible in the GTA. 
Keep your eyes and ears out for this incredibly talented musician and artist as the best is yet to come for Mississauga’s rising star.

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