6 Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom Retreat


Fall is an ideal time to create a cozy bedroom retreat, before the annual time change and seasonal lack of sunshine happens. Follow my 6 tips to create a cuddly corner to retreat to in the long, cold winter months and where you can sleep peacefully all year long. 


1.    The basis of creating a deep and restful sleep is your mattress. There are hundreds of mattress options out there, and your choice will literally make or break the quality of your sleep. I recently tested out a new mattress from Bill’s Bed, which was delivered directly to my door in a golf bag-sized box (the box spring also came in a box) – they were both so manageable I could get them up my super small staircase on my own. It’s the most innovative mattress I have seen! Not only did it pop out of a box, it has an amazing double-sided option; one side of the mattress is firm and the other is plush. So, depending on your preference, you can simply flip the mattress over to get the perfect firmness for you! It also has a great 100-night sleep guaranteed – but rest assured, I’ve already tested out this mattress and it will not be going anywhere!

2.    Whenever I create a bedroom space for my clients, I ensure this room feels relaxing, giving my clients a perfect space to unwind. This is not the place for video games, intense colours, electronics, and exercise equipment. Thinking calming. Think relaxing. Think about what would make this your perfect place to unwind. Cozy textures, softness, muted tones, all these create the ambiance you want in a bedroom.


3.    I love to include a fireplace in a bedroom – after all, what could really be any more relaxing than a fireplace? If you have a small space or don’t want all the mess of a wood burning fireplace, no problem! Dimplex has simple and sleek units that come out of a box and literally plug in so you can enjoy the ambiance of a fire year round. Plus, they are so realistic looking; take my word for it, these units can fool you into thinking they have real logs burning! They also have no-heat options which are very cool, excuse the pun! These allow you to have all the ambiance of a flaming fire without the heat, making them ideal for the warmer months.


4.    Total darkness is key to a good night’s rest. Bouclair has super affordable blackout curtains and now they even have blinds that are light blocking. You can keep style front and centre in your space but also ensure no light enters your sleeping zone. Luckily, there is no need to sacrifice style for performance with all the options they have.


5.   I always choose bedding that is lush, fun and perfect for curling up in. My Jo Alcorn collection of pillows and headboards create the finishing touches that make you want to dive right in and relax. My line is now available for purchase online, delivered right to your door with white glove service. Pop on over to my site to peruse what might work in your space – Jo Alcorn Collection


6.    Every person, young and old, can benefit from a bedtime routine. Hot baths with Epsom salts, journaling before bed about what you are grateful for, or diffusing your favourite essential oil to help you un-wind from the day are all great options to get you off to sleep easily and relaxed from the day’s stresses. I love the idea of a diffuser in your bedroom to disperse essential oils into the room at night to create a peaceful atmosphere. My fav? A great atomizing diffuser from independent distributor of Young Living, The Oil Girls

These are a few tips and products I love to incorporate in any bedroom I design. They are the keys to a good night’s rest, which we all need. And they help to relieve stress as soon as we enter this special place. Let’s face it – we all need, deserve in fact, a place where we want to cuddle up and feel our best. So get started now, before the weather turns cold and you wish you had a calm, relaxing spot to retreat to.