The Living Arts Centre presents two new exciting shows


The Living Arts Centre has a lot of wonderful events and performances happening this year, their 20th season.
Part of the excitement come in the form of two exciting performances; Broken Images and Mystic India.


Broken Images is a psychological thriller that rips the mask off a celebrity. The play depicts the 21st century as an era of electronic images. From every corner of our daily life, images throw themselves at us, arguing, accusing and wheedling until the very essence of our private existence seems threatened. But suppose the deadliest of these images were one’s own shattered self? In one of the most challenging roles of her career, world- renowned Indian actress, Shabana Azmi plays two sisters and their many images, as they morph into one another.
When Manjula (Azmi), a mediocre writer in Hindi, gets international acclaim for a book that she writes in English, she wonders if she has betrayed her own language and identity. As the story progresses, it becomes a thriller, leaving viewers very unsettled.

October 1, 2017 at 4:30PM & 8:00PM 


Created by Director Amit Shah and AATMA Performing Arts, Mystic India: The World Tour is an internationally-acclaimed Bollywood dance spectacular based on the concept of ancient India’s transition into modern India. The show features renowned musicians , brilliant dancers and over 1000 opulent costumes. The colorful costumes and elaborate sets have been custom designed by Amit Shah and hand-made in India’s film capital by a team of 40 designers and workers over 4 years. The team of diverse, impeccably trained dancers from the AATMA Performing Arts dance company combines authentic Indian and modern techniques bringing the streets of Mumbai and New York into perfect harmony.

Over half a million people have seen Mystic India: The World Tour since its conception through its successful tours in South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Bahrain, China, and through hundreds of sold-out venues in the United States. It is the first internationally-touring Indian dance production headed by a USA-based dance company, and the first touring Indian production that carries such a diverse case of artists. City & Shore Magazine voted it “The Must-See Show of the Season” and The New York Times said that the production is “impeccable in its combination of eastern roots and modern showmanship.”

Audiences of Mystic India: The World Tour can expect an explosion of colors and energy as they travel on a celebratory journey through Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Gujarat, and even through the progression of Bollywood films via a stunning visual display that fuses dance, theatre and spectacular special effects.

October 19 & 20, 2017 at 8:00PM

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