Appetite for Words - A Literary Festival with a Culinary Twist


A unique event combining the literary and culinary arts, the Appetite for Words Festival, will be held in Stratford between October 27-29. The festival will feature literary meals with menus based on author readings, so participants will taste the words they're hearing. A series of beverage tastings and hands-on workshops will round out the experience.

Festival attendees can be one of the very first people to receive a copy of award- winning television host and bestselling author Laura Calder's brand new book, The Inviting Life, before it hits bookshelves when they join Laura for lunch at Revival House as she launches The Inviting Life.

Literary meals will examine topics such as Canadian food culture, grief, feminism, and politics; many themes that are prominent in the authors’ books. The literary dinner with Joseph Hoare Gastronomic Writer In Residence Chef Andrew George Jr. will bring traditions of indigenous cuisine, teachings, and culture into the modern world based on his book Modern Native Feasts. There will also be an opportunity to attend culinary classes with this renowned chef. The literary dinner with award-winning
author Alice Zorn will pay homage to the culinary history of working-class Montreal and Quebec, based on her latest novel, Five Roses, while the literary dinner with outspoken Toronto-based restauranteur Jenn Agg will feature a menu inspired by her Black Hoof restaurant and her memoir I Hear She’s a Real Bitch.

Literary meals extend beyond dinners, as well. Award-winning writer, artist, and broadcaster Kevin Sylvester will attend a unique breakfast event filled with literary discussions, astonishing art, and great food, where participants will sample a specialty dish of his famous character, Neil Flambé. Canadian bloggers and travellers Dana VanVeller and Lindsay Anderson will discuss their latest cookbook, Feast, and their cross-country road trip to find the best dishes Canada has to offer at their literary lunch. Finally, the literary lunch with food blogger and food scientist Jonah
Campbell will feature discussions on the science of eating and why our food culture has become what it is today.

The Appetite for Words Festival will also feature hands-on workshops to teach participants how to create their own cookbooks. Dana VanVeller and Lindsay
Anderson will lead a cookbook writing workshop that will demonstrate the skills needed to create the next bestseller, and a cookbook photography workshop will be led by Stratford freelance photographer Terry Manzo. She will teach the fundamentals of professional photography such as the importance of angles and lighting, and how to work with any camera lens. These workshops are suited for beginners as well as those hoping to hone their skills!

Finally, no culinary festival would be complete without tasting events. A literary cocktail event will take place at Stratford’s Distillery-Junction 56 with a Great Gatsby inspired theme. For a wine tasting experience like no other, Pazzo will host an event wherein participants will have the opportunity to taste the finest wines of Italy with great hometown fun.

The Appetite for Words Festival will be held at the Stratford Chefs School and other venues around the downtown core. Tickets cost $20 and up depending on the
event. For more information on the Appetite for Words Festival, check out the website for updates, or be in touch with DigiWriting via email at