6 unique Valentine's Day ideas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (literally next month), you don’t have much time to plan a romantic, unique date for you and your special someone. Sure you could do the traditional dinner and a movie, but do you really want to hear the complaints about the lack of thought or lack of something that would be sure to follow? Not to mention the restaurants packed full of people with the same lack of creativity you were striving to avoid. Sound appealing? Didn’t think so. Here's my list of 6, non-conventional Valentine’s Day date ideas! 

Ripley’s Aquarium


On Valentine’s day, the aquarium offers more than just the underwater tour: they have a whole soiree planned out for you! You just have to sit back and enjoy. Included in this Valentine’s Day Dinner is dinner in one of the galleries, dinner and a bottle of wine, as well as access to a lounge with a cash bar and live entertainment. You’re even offered a souvenir picture of your romantic evening to remember the $275 you spent! The dinners are from 6:30-8 and 9-10:30, and this is a 19+ event. 

Knife Throwing


This activity is perfect for either your first Valentine’s day together, or your fifth. Why? Because it’s the perfect place to either impress your special someone, or take out some pent up frustration with friendly competition! The instructors start right from the bottom; they teach you how to hold the knife, how to throw the knife, and the technique to keeping it all consistent. After you have that down, they get you guys playing all sorts of games. This gives you the perfect chance to show off, and have a great night. 

Go Karting


With a variety of locations all over the GTA, you can indulge in some healthy competition of the motorized variety. Guaranteed to get your heart racing, and give you the ability to re-enact some of your favourite scenes from Fast and Furious, go karting is the perfect thrill seeking Valentine’s Day date. 

Rage Room


What is that? It’s the perfect place to go for those couples who need to get some pent up anger out and enjoy a fun time together. You smash things. Plain and simple. You get all suited up with protective gear, and get your choice of a wide range of weapons. You can set up your own playlist and smash to your heart’s content. No cleaning up after yourself! You can even bring a USB drive to download the video of you smashing things. They have a variety of options to choose from, so head on over to their website and arrange an awesome date for you and your significant other. They even have group options so you can go with whoever you want!



What’s Ninjaz? It’s an indoor obstacle course based off of the show American Ninja Warrior. Rope climbing, warped walls, and full courses to run, this would be a great activity for those couples looking to challenge themselves physically while still having a blast. They have different options, so depending on your level of fitness or desire for adventure you can pick accordingly. 



All of those times he drove you up the wall? Remember all those times he/she wouldn’t stop nagging you? Well paintballing is the perfect solution! Let the pent up anger fuel you! Go by yourselves or with a group, paintballing is probably the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Found anywhere from Mississauga to Wasaga, you can’t go wrong. 

There’s the list! If you’re still at loss for what to do, then you’re really beyond help, my friend. Good luck and have fun this Valentine’s Day!