How the Pawscout app is helping find lost pets


We see it every day on our social media feeds and posted around neighborhoods – a plea for help to find a lost pet. It’s heartbreaking, but many people hesitate to approach a strange dog or cat without knowing if they’re friendly.

For the first time since the pet ID tag was invented over 200-years ago, a new digitally-connected tag promises to solve this problem by creating local communities of animal lovers. Pawscout, The Smarter Pet Tag leverages Bluetooth technology and the free Pawscout App (iOS and Android) to find lost pets, track walks, create a pet profile and find pet friendly-businesses. 

Within the Pawscout App, pet owners set up a digital profile with their furry friend’s picture, medical records and personality traits. Pet owners may use the Pawscout Tag and App to track dog walks in real time and to set up a virtual leash alert in case their pet strays from a yard or other outdoor place. If a pet is reported as lost, anyone with the Pawscout App who comes within 300-feet of the pet will get an alert with the pet’s profile - alleviating fears and providing contact information for the owners and the location of their pet in the Pawscout App.  The more people that join the Pawscout community, the wider the virtual safety net grows.

Anyone can use the free Pawscout App to safeguard pets in their community and to find local veterinarians, groomers, shelters, restaurants, stores, and parks that welcome pets.  In addition, Pawscout offers optional, laser-etched, fashionable nameplates in 24 patterns, available for purchase for $9.95 within the Pawscout App. 

Pawscout Tags are available on and in stores nationwide for about $25 CAD with no monthly fees. The Pawscout App is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Pawscout Dog+Cat Package.jpg