6 ways to maximize space in a smaller kitchen


Kitchens are great for a number of reasons.
There’s food and a place to sit and eat! Technically that might really only be one reason.
If you live in a condo like me or have minimal kitchen space, here are 6 ways you can really utilize space in a small kitchen.

Coffee Maker


This one is up for debate, which ultimately takes up less space, a coffee maker or a French Press? Keeping in mind a press requires a kettle, some people would even go so far as to say a Keurig ruins the flavour of coffee. Blasphemy! Personally I love my Keurig and so does everyone I know who has had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing me before I’ve had a coffee.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker


I actually received one of these for Christmas; let me tell you it’s a life saver.  This takes up virtually no room in your kitchen and cranks out a breakfast sandy in four minutes flat.  The best part is the sandwiches fit your macros.
Sorry not sorry, Starbucks.

Single-Bowl Sink


If you have the luxury of being able to have a hand in the design of your kitchen, this is a definite space saver! This can actually increase your counter space by an entire foot.  It’s no wonder these are in every cookie cutter Toronto condo.

Wall Mounted Storage


Instead of hanging artwork in your kitchen, install some floor to ceiling racks. With so many options to choose from, it adds a great look to your kitchen and can be used to mount just about anything! If you’re really feeling brave throw in a magnetic knife rack. A helpful tip is to paint the wall black as it makes the arrangement look more deliberate but most importantly hides the scuff marks.

Become a Minimalist


I know the first two things on this list were actually things that could clutter your kitchen more, so here I am in my true hypocritical form, telling you to go with less. However if you really are cramped for space, look at minimalist pulls for cabinets and doors.
There is nothing more irritating than hitting some part of your body on a doorknob.

Remove the Door


This can make a small kitchen feel much more open and most importantly create a little more room for two cooks to move around. This really hits home as two creatures who are over six feet live in our condo.  An open concept kitchen is a must and we still almost cut each other accidentally on purpose.

If I had my dream kitchen, it would have the single most multifunctional giant island in the middle.
A guy can dream, right?