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Opened on October 23, 2017, Limitless Studios is the brainchild of lifelong Mississauga resident Natalie Pitton-Sweazey. And while it’s taken over a dozen years to progress from concept to opening her doors, like good ol’ Sinatra sang, she did it her way.

The studio caters to all ages and level of ability and offers a plethora of classes. There’s a registered massage therapist on site, an athletic therapist as well as acupuncture services.
When asked where the name originated from, Natalie says “it’s the simple idea that you truly can be limitless in physical, emotional and mental aspects…you’re certainly capable of becoming your limitless self and we’re here to help.”

A certified dance instructor for 18 years via the National Ballet School of Canada (the most renowned school to receive a teaching certification from in the country), Natalie is well versed in various styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and others.

Her journey into dance started when she was 3 and she moved into competitive training at age 5, then earning a spot at the National Ballet School of Canada at age 9, where she studied for 2 years. 
At age 11, she took a break and still kept active in the dance world, just not at that certain level.
After high school, Natalie decided she wanted to perform on a high level, so she returned to the National Ballet School to get her teaching certification and through thousands of hours of intense work, achieved it in 2005.

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As with every story, there are peaks and valleys. Natalie’s “valley” saw her fall down 8 concrete stairs in the rain in 2004 as she was working towards her teaching certificate. She suffered a fractured tailbone and has permanent nerve damage in parts of her body. She knew right away that this fall abruptly ended her dreams of becoming a performing dancer.

Ever the optimist, Natalie realized she had to pivot and determine what her next forward step would be, which is when she started writing her business plan for her own studio.  
Through extensive rehab and yoga, she still has a great range of motion but with colder weather, her body tightens up. 

From 2005 until the autumn of 2016, she taught at various studios across the GTA to keep busy, knowing that when she opened her own studio, she didn’t want to settle on any aspect of it.
The idea of her own studio was often hovering on her radar but the timing and finances didn’t align for her to make a smart move forward.
In September 2016, that changed. She was teaching at a GTA studio and her spidey sense kicked in that the timing felt right for her to branch out on her own and fulfill her years-long dream. 


Less than 30 days after leaving her previous job, Natalie signed the lease on her current location, fully armed with a strong business plan, vision, confidence and determination.

Leading up to her opening Limitless Studios, she’s diligently on her own physical and mental health as she realized that she couldn’t help others if she couldn’t help herself.  
“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done…I’m much more in tune with myself. I actively meditate and do yoga to keep myself fine-tuned and ready and able to help others.”

As a smart entrepreneur, Natalie knows she can’t do it all, which is where her assistant (who interestingly, she taught when she was 8) comes in to fill in the gaps and is a key component to the effectiveness of the studio.

For 2018, it’s all about awareness and getting folks to come in and explore the space and of course, to get people to discover just how much Limitless Studios has to offer.
There are drop ins, pay as you go options, class packs, specific packages and membership options, meaning there’s something for everyone’s budgets and needs.

Natalie’s advice for other entrepreneurs? 
“Listen to yourself, listen to what’s in your heart….you’re always right if you listen to yourself carefully and act upon it. Don’t let your fears control your destination and journey; yes, they’ll be there but be yourself and again, listen to yourself and be authentic.”

She adds “Learn, explore, create and be a part of high level training in a safe, encouraging and professional environment. Become your limitless self at Limitless Studios!”

3200 Ridgeway Drive, Units 7-8 Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 820-2158

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