Preparing your home for Autumn & Winter


If you're an Ontario homeowner, you'll want to do all you can to prepare your home properly for the coming weather. It's important to examine all areas of the home and think about what you should do before the first frost. Properly preparing your home has many advantages. It will help you spot potential areas of weakness before more serious problems develop.  

Your Furnace 
The furnace is the heart of your home. You want to make sure it's in good working order before the cold hits. Examine it yourself or consider asking a professional to do so. Fixing small things now can prolong the life of your furnace and save you money in the long run. 


Doors and Windows 
Doors and windows offer light and air. Doors and windows can also allow heat to leak out. Now is the time to look closely at them. You're looking for any evidence of leaks from the outside. One way to find leaks is to tape plastic wrap to a pencil. Bring it in front of the windows and doors. If the plastic wrap moves, this can be an indication there's unwanted drafts in your home.

Cleaning the Gutters 
Gutters can get clogged over time. Fall is the ideal time of year to examine your gutters closely. You want to make sure there are no impediments. Clogged gutters can lead to the build-up of ice. Ice can damage your gutters and damage your roof. 

The Home's Landscaping 
While trees like Oak and Maple make any neighborhood feel inviting, they can also create dangerous conditions. Branches can become laden with ice and damage your home. Bushes can block off a pathway and make it hard to navigate in the cold weather. 


Inspect Your Roof 
The roof of your home keeps everything inside dry and free of moisture. Certain types of roofs have a specific lifetime. A roof may be worn out in a few decades. If you are approaching the end of your roof's useful life, fall is the ideal time to think about putting in a new one. 

Check the Pipes 
Water pipes are particularly vulnerable to colder weather. Winter is the perfect time to think about how to protect your pipes from the cold. 

Ontario winters can be quite hard on your home. As the weather gets colder, now is the time to think about how to prepare it properly for winter.