Yes, you need winter tires - Here's why:

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Six reasons why if you’re driving in winter, it’s crucial to drive with winter tires:
(Snow tires and All-Season tires do not exist)

They can save you money
You can receive a discount from your auto insurance provider by installing winter tires on your vehicle.
Rates vary by provider and the average annual savings hovers between three and five percent.

Do your homework before investing in winter tires
The lowest cost isn’t the highest quality and vice versa.
Consumer Reports, the Automobile Protection Association, Car and Driver, along with several other resources have plenty of data and rankings done through extensive testing.  Speak with you trusted automotive specialist as well before making a decision to get a full scope of information.

Get a set of four
Regardless of front, rear or all-wheel drive, it’s crucial that all four tires on your vehicle are equipped with winter tires. Ignore that thought of it being a budget-friendly decision to opt for two.
Instead, realize that your vehicle will be better equipped for winter driving with four winter tires, especially as it will increase the handling capabilities of your vehicle.

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“All season” tires to not include winter
Do you have one piece of footwear that’s good for the beach, hiking, mud, rain and snow? Me either.
The same holds true for tires. Winter tires are made from a different compound that are designed and engineered to perform better than your summer/three-season tires.
They increase stopping distances and provide better maneuverability in temperatures lower than 7 degrees Celsius.

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They’re not just for snow
Winter tires should never be called “snow” tires. Winter tires handle cold weather, icy,  slick road conditions and snow/slush. The reality is that there won’t be massive snowfalls every day of winter.  There will, however, be many cold days and having the right tire can increase the control you have while you drive.

Your stopping distances are reduced
Putting two identical cars side by side on an icy/snowy road, one with and one without winter tires, is something that’s been done dozens of times, all with the same results; the car with the winter tires stops faster than the car without.  In situations where you’ve got to stop the car quickly, it’s always smarter to have the right equipment at hand, well, foot.