Modern Mississauga presents Wayback Wednesday - The history of Shaw Drive

Modern Mississauga and Heritage Mississauga have come together to present an ongoing series called “Way Back Wednesday’s."
We’ll share information about the history of Mississauga here and answer your questions.
Today’s topic is the history of Shaw Drive.

Shaw, James Robinson.jpg

Shaw Drive in Port Credit is named after James Robinson Shaw (1811-1907), who had a family farm in the area. James Robinson Shaw was born on August 13, 1811 in Westchester, New York.  His parents were William Shaw and Ann Robinson who had immigrated to the United States from England. His family moved to Port Credit in 1816 and were granted 100 acres of land from The Crown.

James married Jane Thompson in England, and together they had one son and six daughters: William Merritt, Hannah Elizabeth, Emily Jane, Ida Ella, Alice Myrtle, Jessie and Rosetta Elizabeth. While living on the farm James hired farmhands to tend to the land and livestock while he worked as a wheel-wright and blacksmith.

Later the family lived on Joseph Street (now Mississauga Road South) in Port Credit, where they also operated a small general store on the west side of the Credit River. James attended First Methodist Church (now First United Church), and was an active member of the congregation. He also respected as a “healer”, a storyteller, and quite a character. Before Port Credit found their first doctor, James was known for bleeding out illnesses and pulling teeth, with medical instruments he fashioned himself.