Scrabble Sunday - G through L

In an on-going series looking at unique words in the English language, Scrabble Sunday's are here to help you learn new words and look like a pro when playing this classic game.


Back at it again with some crazy Scrabble words! Hold on to your hats folks because this week we are looking at G to L and let me tell you, things are about to get wild.

Everyone knows a gobemouche or two, a gullible or a credulous listener. Some of the funniest moments from TV history have involved someone like that, it’s really a moo point by now.

This is a traditional Mauri greeting or salutation made by pressing or touching noses. So go home tonight and greet your partner with a hongi, that kind of sounds dirty.

Do you hate when you’re cooking a delicious sauce for dinner, you turn around for a minute come back and suddenly it’s inspissate? Me too, there’s nothing fun about cleaning thick or congealed sauce out of a pot.


I’ve been finding myself around horses more and more this past year, as such I’ve been noticing more and more things that strike me as jumentous.  What can I say; apparently a lot of things resemble horse urine. 

I don’t understand why people are so excited about the legalization of marijuana, kinnikinnick has been legal forever. It’s a substance consisting of dried sumac leaves and willow/dogbark that can be smoked.

I have had a few relationships end because of a logomachy, it’s true.  An argument about words can take a nasty turn very quickly.
Check back in next week when we take a look at words from M to R! Stay scrabbling.