6 Fun road trip games to play in the car


It seems like road trips always seem like an exciting idea, until you’re sitting in a car with a bunch of miserable people constantly asking “are we there yet?”.
To satisfy any misery you may endure during these trips – its best to keep you and your passengers occupied as much as possible.
Something that I find very enjoyable on a road trip is a good old fashioned game.
And yes, games without using some kind of cell phone or tablet device.
Here’s a list of fun games you can play on a road trip:

1.    Never have I ever
What a classic this one is. Take you and your friends back to college and enjoy learning what kind of weird things your friends have done throughout their lives. You start off with one person saying “Never have I ever,” then they will say something they have never done. If they have done it, give them a point. Whoever ends up with the most points wins!

2.    21 questions
Yet another classic. One person thinks of a thing and the others have up to 21 questions to ask to figure out what the person is thinking. To make it interesting, make it with categories.
3.    Did you hear that?
This one is a fun one. You basically make up or say something factual and people have to guess to see if it is true or false. An example of this would be “the sky is blue” and if someone guesses that it's a true statement, they win. This can go on as long as you’d like it to.

4.    The singing game
If you’re a singer, or maybe in your own mind you’re a singer, a great game to play is the singing game. Basically, someone starts off singing a lyric. Then another person starts singing another lyric to a different song that can somewhat be relevant. An example of this would be “I’m a survivor…” “we only got four minutes to save the world”

5.    I spy
More classics! I spy is a simple yet oddly satisfying game. Pin point something you see – keep it unique. Look outside of the vehicle and have people guess what you see.

6.    Name that song
Now this song involves a radio. Turn the volume up and skim through as many stations as you can. When you get to each station, get everyone to try to guess what song is playing. Have someone keep score to get a winner!

If you have a long road trip ahead and are worried about what you’re going to do to keep busy, these games can definitely help!