Smart tips on how to pack efficiently for any vacation or trip


Your vacation destination is calling! You’ve made all the arrangements, created your itinerary, and now all you need to do is pack. Where do you start and what do you bring? Start with some research on your destination as weather plays a huge role in what you need to bring with you. Check in with yourself often, asking “what is the purpose for my vacation?” I’m certain the answer will be to have fun, relax and take a break from your regular everyday life. So keep it simple.

Less is more
Make a list of what clothing, footwear, toiletries and accessories that you want for the duration of the vacation. Now take half those things off your list! How many times have you brought home clothing that you never wore, it just went along for the ride and you may have even paid a fee for carrying excess weight. Pull together outfits that can easily be interchanged with any top and bottom. Bring a bar of laundry soap to wash items and wear again. Bring well-worn in shoes, not your brand new ones and leave those ‘just in case’ ones at home. 

Invest in travel sized (100ml or less) containers that you can fill with your own favourite products. Use a piece of tape (clear or coloured) with a thin marker to label what’s inside each container. Fill these containers a few days before you start to pack, strip it down to the bare minimum of items you ‘need’ versus ‘want’ to bring. Prepack all your medication for each day into pill organizers.


Layering and filling the gaps
Wear your heaviest footwear for travelling, packing the others. Flip flops or flats can fit into gaps along the sides of the suitcase and shoes can be stuffed with socks to utilizes the open space inside the shoe. Heavy items to the bottom of the suitcase, starting at the bottom corner near the wheels, lighter on the top. Hard to pack items go in first, layering most immediate access items on the top, such as the ‘just arrived and need to adjust to the new climate’ items.

Keep it simple, you are on vacation. Do you really need a variety of purses and matching belts, or a sack full of jewellery? A sun hat, sunglasses and a beach bag or knapsack is as simple as it gets. Camera or smart phones with camera and its charger. Keep it simple, you are there to unwind and enjoy what the destination has to offer.


Like with Like
Use large clear zipper (ziplock type) bags to contain travel documents. And create categories and keep your like with like. Prepare one for your swimsuit, it will be easy to grab and also great to use when your suit is wet on your last day before you travel back home.

Plan ahead, think twice and edit down before you zip up that zipper on the suitcase. You are going on vacation to relax and enjoy yourself. Less stuff equals more fun and freedom.

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