6 great gluten free beers

A lot of people who suffer from diseases that exempt them from consuming gluten often make the mistake of cutting beer out of their life.
And lets face it, we all love a good beer from time to time.
Luckily, for everyone’s sake, there are a variety of beers that cater to people who are unable to have gluten in their everyday life.
Here is a list of the top six gluten free beers available in your local LCBO or Beer stores.

1.    Bard’s Gold Gluten Free


This gluten free beer is malted from 100% sorghum that tastes identical to regular beer.  It includes roasted malt and toasted grains.  It offers different flavours such as apple, caramel, and sweet grain. The beer was created in Minnesota back in 2012. 

2.    Nickel Brook Gluten Free

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Nickel Brook beer is an Ontario based beer. Since 2005, it has been one of the leading Ontario Craft beer. They offer many off season and selection beers. The great thing about this gluten free beer is the price, $3 per can at the LCBO. It also smells like bubblegum and tastes like candy, with a clean finish. 

3.    Lakefront New Grist Gluten Free

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This Wisconsin based beer is a nice pale gold colour with a lovely citrus flavor and smell. It’s made using rice instead of wheat. It has a beautiful creamy finish to it. Lakefront New Grist began in 2012 and is available at the LCBO for $14.95

4.    Schnitzerbrau Gluten Free


This organic beer is a German Pilsner (which means it’s a pale lager) that is brewed in the Black Forest! Schnitzerbrau is made with organic millet malt. It also includes spring water and Tettnang hops from the South of Germany. It is said that this beer has a long lasting taste, which means you get to drink less! Schnitzerbrau is available at The Beer Store.

5.    Boxer Lager Gluten Free


Boxer Lager is a very unique beer because it was specifically created for those who suffer from Celiac disease. The beer is brewed in the U.S but the company originates from Saskatchewan.  This is a light beer that has a nice crisp refreshing taste. It also has a citrusy taste which adds sweetness to the beer.  You can find this beer available at The Beer Store.

6.    La Messagere Gluten Free


As I’m sure you can tell, this is a French Canadian beer. It’s brewed in Quebec.  Unlike other beers this one is a deep mahogany colour. The reason for the colouring of this beer is because it offers dried fruit and authentic hops. This gives a ‘delicate woodsy’ taste to it. You can find this beer at The Beer Store.

You can find all of these beers in your local LCBO or Beer Store in Mississauga.