Concert review - Demi Lovato


A night to remember for more reasons than one. The iconic former Disney actress and singer made her way to Toronto recentkly to debut her “Tell me you love me tour” and there was lots to love in this three and a half hour event. 

Lovato had Kehlani open for her, beginning her performance right at 7:30. Some songs she included were “honey” and “I go crazy”.  Kehlani did a great job as an opener and seems like her fan base will increase after this world wide tour. 

Next, DJ Khaled made an unforgettable performance which he paid many tributes to the Six God himself and Toronto’s very own, Drake. He then brought out Kehlani and the two performed together representing Toronto with Raptors jerseys. Khaled then took to Instagram and included the audience in his Instagram story. 

But the most incredible part of the evening was Demi, of course. She opened the show with a slower song, which is usually uncommon for performers to begin with but for her it worked perfectly. Throughout the show, she kept the audience on their toes with constant outfit changes and even different stages for different songs. Some songs which were performed were “Daddy issues”, “Cool for the summer”, “confident”, and “tell me you love me”. But I think what song stood out the most by far was her song called “Father”. This is about her own dad who struggled with addiction and mental health issues. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple years ago. The performance for this song was out of this world. You could hear the hurt and the emotion in her voice. You almost wanted to cry with her. 


Lovato also took moments to go back on some of the struggles she’s been able to overcome in her life. This includes her own battle with addiction and mental health issues. She also took time to let the audience know she is now six years sober, which was also an emotional moment for her. 

To end the show, she disappeared from stage and had a whole choir of men dressed in all black. But not just any choir - it was actually Toronto’s Gay Men Choir! This was a nice touch to represent Toronto’s gay community and to show Demi’s support in the LGBTQ+ community.