6 cost-effective online shops for your summer wardrobe


Summer is coming up extremely quickly, and with that being said, I’m sure everyone reading this is probably thinking of a new summer wardrobe. There are so many great online shops you can purchase clothing from that are very affordable and will save you a trip of going to the mall. 

1.    Pretty Little Thing
If you happen to be obsessed with the Kardashians – this is the right website for you to shop on. This site showcases styles from celebrities at affordable prices. So if you see an outfit that your favourite Kardashian or Jenner is wearing, be sure to check out Pretty Little Thing.

2.    Zulily
Zulily is a great place to shop because of the consant discounts. There’s a lot of great new promotions on summer clothing as well as discounts on winter and fall items (just a thought, get it while it’s cheap). Right now they have an up to70% off promotion, you’re welcome!

3.    River Island
Located in Europe, River Island also has some great deals to shop for. Something I’m planning on ordering this week is actually a pair of balck high waisted shorts, that only come to $30! 


4.    asos
Now, if you’re looking for a good deal on cheaper yet professional clothing, I definitely recommend asos. This company has such unique tones and coloured clothing that you’ll stand out in a crowd this summer. Check out their vibrant colours and I guarantee you’ll end up spending more than you planned!

5.    Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova is such a classic online store. I don’t think anyone could ever go wrong using Fashion Nova. They have such great styles dresses, shorts, and skirts for women of all shapes and sizes. The fits are always outstanding and they cater to so many body types. They are also decently priced.

6.    Zalful
If you have an upcoming vacation, or just need a swim suit for the cottage this summer, I am begging you to check out Zalful. Zalful has such amazing deals such as a current Easter special you will not want to miss. I just bought a bathing suit for an upcoming vacation and it fits me way better than I thought. Also got it on sale for about $20 with shipping! Don’t miss out on their deals.

I suggest everyone begin shopping before these deals go away. Be the first to have your summer wardrobe ready.