Mississauga's The Studio Paint Bar helps Single in the City debut Wing Woman Code of Ethics

On Thursday evening, April 5th 2018 our friend Julia Chatterji of The Studio Paint Bar white-labeled her exciting Paint Night service to help Laura Bilotta, another event coordinator, AM 640 Radio Host and the Toronto matchmaker behind Single in the City.  On this memorable occasion Laura used #PaintNight as the backdrop for some very sophisticated myth-making that was amplified by the presence of a handsome male model.

Modern Mississauga 1.jpg

This charismatic subject was Martin Dasko, a semi-professional wrestler (The Latin Lover) and the author of the influential student thrift blog, Studenomics.  Right now, readers are wondering how this stocky wrestler can also be a successful-geek finance blogger? (Female readers are still marvelling at his anatomy). Indeed, Mr. Dasko is a complex character both online and in-person. 


Martin’s role was to play Adonis and bring his machismo to the paint studio where it was expected to sharply contrast Laura’s distinctly feminine messaging.  One hour before the show started, Martin was expertly dressed in a leopard print loincloth by makeup artist Jennifer Turner.   Jenn wrote a detailed account of styling the paint night on her Modern Makeup blog.

Jennifer also composed four thousand dollars worth of silver jewellery on our handsome model. The bling was provided by On the Other Hand Jewellery in Toronto and included a chunky silver necklace, two solid silver bracelets and a skull ring that all worked together to help transform the rugged rogue into a couture caveman.

Julia meanwhile lead the troop of twelve participants making beautiful pictures of this muscular protagonist.


Paint Night can be many things – it can be tailored to hippy culture, or made to celebrate husbands or salute hockey players, and there are many different styles of painting that can be attempted.  On this night, in this place, Julia was leading the pack in an exercise that explored full body portraiture.    

Modern Mississauga 2.jpg

Single in the City Wing Woman Paint Night debuted that evening inside The Port House restuarant on top of what would otherwise be considered the dancefloor. At 7pm twelve ladies took their seats on dining room chairs placed atop thick plastic drop sheets. The two tables accommodated six painters each, and everyone had mini easels and small white canvases, grease pencils and array of paint brushes.

The paint studio that Julia set up consisted of,

-          painters drop sheets

-          two long tables and a high top – one stool for martin and twelve chairs

-          twelve paint palettes  (paper plates)

with six dollops of paint each – black, white, red, blue, yellow, and a splash of gold paint

-          twelve grease pencil

-          twelve 20 x 16 canvas

-          paint brushes – wide, medium and small point

-          cup of water

The diverse array of all-female painters bonded together in solidarity while receiving instruction on how to paint from Julia.

Modern Mississauga 3.jpg

The Wing Woman Collective

It was Laura’s idea to gather together a crew of confident ladies and discuss the tenements of being a Wing Woman. What responsibilities does a wing woman have? What role does this person play when they are helping another woman versus helping a man? And what lines should not be crossed?

The Single in the City - Wing Woman Code of Ethics was unveiled that night as twelve ladies painted a handsome hero while contemplating the human condition.  They laughed all night long while learning basic art skills and making memories with new friends.

The top five paintings (as judged by Laura and Julia) that night were awarded made-to-fit black walnut wooden picture frames from Eastview Homes. Every attendee got to keep her art plus a generous giftbag filled with beauty bar coupons and cosmetic samples.