A comfort food tour at Square One


Square One Modern Mississauga Media 3.JPG


Square One's impressive food scene has nearly something for everyone and that includes comfort food.

Vanessa and Jay (Modern Mississauga's Chief Food Officers) visited a few superb spots and enjoyed some absolutely wonderful places for delicious comfort food, which included:

Reds - Pimms & Lemonade with Bangkok Nachos
Eva's Original Chimneys - Peanut Butter Pretzel Parfait
Love Me Sweet - Fluffy double fromage cheesecake
Jamie's Italian - Slow-Roasted Porchetta Roast

These four samplings are part of a huge food scene Square One has available. Each of the four aforementioned delectable dining options will certainly be seeing us again.

To check out exactly how much Square One has to offer food-wise, head over to their website.