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Do you know anyone that has a challenge getting on and off the couch?    Sometimes aging parents or people that experience mobility issues can have a problem transitioning from a seated to standing position.   A mobility device is available and an ideal solution for anyone who experiences mobility issues, pain, or lack of muscle strength. 

A Lift Chair is an extremely helpful piece of medical equipment that is ideal for individuals who need a bit of help getting up from a seated position.  Lift chairs, also known as Recliner Chairs, Pop-up Chairs, or Infinite Position Lift Chairs, look similar to a reclining chair but offer more functions. 

Lift Chairs provide therapeutic benefits for anyone experiencing arthritis, stiff or sore joints, back pain, recovering from surgery, and other health conditions.  By using an electric motor, these chairs will give you a smooth assistive boost to help prevent injuries or falls. 

The sturdy frame and ease of use makes it easy to stand, thus reducing injuries and falls.  Who doesn’t want independence, safety, comfort, and convenience? 


Here are some available features of lift recliners:

·         Available in many styles, colours, and materials

·         Lay flat position

·         Power headrest and lumbar

·         Foot extension

·         Massage and heating options

·         USB charger

·         Accommodate several body sizes

Lift Chairs can be used for watching television, reading, or doing sitting exercises.  Many people even sleep in their lift chairs rather than their own beds due to a variety of available positions and comfort.  For anyone that must keep their legs elevated while they sit or sleep, lift chairs are an ideal solution. 

Electric recliners also provide safety and convenience for nurses, family members and other caregivers, who risk injury from assisting those who need help getting up from a sitting position or returning to one.


A note from a Medical Mart customer: “When I was pregnant, I enjoyed using a Lift Chair because my ankles were so swollen, I needed to keep my legs elevated.  I couldn’t sleep flat on my back, so the power lift recliner allowed me to pick a comfortable sleeping position.  When I had to get up, the chair lifted me to a standing position with ease.  I still use the electric pop-up chair, it’s great!”  Gaby

Power Lift Chairs are available at Medical Mart Mississauga.  We encourage you to come and try one out!  Ask about free delivery.  Mention promo code “Modern Mississauga” to receive a huge discount on a Lift Chair.

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