Modern Mississauga presents Way Back Wednesdays - The history of Courtneypark Boulevard

Modern Mississauga and Heritage Mississauga have come together to present an ongoing series called “Way Back Wednesdays."
We’ll share information about the history of Mississauga here and answer your questions.
Today’s topic is the history of Courtneypark Boulevard.

William Courtney.jpg

Sometimes street names in relatively modern development areas carry historic or significant name associations. Courtneypark Boulevard was, in part, laid out in the early 1980s. The route was named for William Courtney.

Courtney served as the Toronto Township Tax Collector from 1931-38, the Township Treasurer from 1938-52, and the Industrial Commissioner from 1952-67. Toronto Township Reeve Mary Fix called William Courtney the “most successful salesman on growing Toronto Township.”