Why i'm jovial about July


July is such a wonderful month. It has Canada Day and US Independence Day. It is summer and the barbeques and lawn mowers are being used on a regular basis. Sprinklers are spraying the different grassy areas and water play areas are all over. Parks are resplendent with grassy areas and trees lining the outskirts. We have man made lakes, rivers and trails through the parks that you can walk and bicycle in through the city. Our city borders Lake Ontario.  On a summer day, watch the boats and sailboats cruising the lake. Nothing better than that and there are boat cruises you can take to enjoy them further.

Farmers’ Markets are popping up all over and the sight and taste of local veggies and fruits are wonderful. Nothing better than the taste of produce picked fully matured in nature. Strawberries and other berries are abundant and local.

Flowers are in full bloom or very close to it. No matter where you look there are flowers all over. The lawn chairs and patio furniture are in full view. Canada’s Wonderland is full daily now that school is out. Everybody is enjoying the fact they can roam around in shorts and sleeveless tops. Sun screen, hats and all sorts of sun protection is the norm now. Beaches, outdoor pools and waterways are so wonderful at this time and people are enjoying them.

So many summer time events are going on and it is the best places to be. Outdoor concerts, summer camps, ribfests, -- come out and enjoy them. They are all over the city and we learn to enjoy the sights and areas of our beautiful city.

These days of summer brings baseball, tennis, World Cup Soccer, cycling, soccer, and so many more. Even if you don’t play the game, cheer the players on. Nothing is more relaxing and fun than being in the stands on a summer day and watching children play their sport. It teaches us the lazy days of summer and to enjoy them.

The trees offer us shade and what is better on a July day than with your fold-up chair and a drink in hand sitting beneath them. Bring a picnic basket and blanket and spread it on the warm earth and lay there and just relax and enjoy. No need to go somewhere else to vacation other than your own city.

July is the best month ever.