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There are many health-related benefits to living an active life.  Active living can reduce stress levels, maintain a healthy weight, and improve your overall health and well-being.  Making physical activity part of every day life can include taking the stairs, biking to work, gardening, participate in a standing meeting, or taking kids or dog to the park.  Such activities can cause or aggravate pain, but it is important to keep joints flexible and maintain strong bones. 

In this blog, we learn about recommended support products to treat injuries related to active living.



Anyone suffering from tenosynovitis, (inflammation of the wrist), arthritis, carpal tunnel, or wrist injuries, can all relive pain by taking pressure off nerves and blood vessels.  By taking strain off your wrist and wearing a proper support, your wrist becomes more stabilized during movement, thus reducing irritation.  The Bauerfiend ManuTrain wrist support provides breathable materials for optimal comfort in addition to viscoelastic support pads accelerating the absorption of edema and effusion. 


If you experience swelling, weakness or pain in the knee, stabilizing the joint helps to achieve quicker mobilization.  Choosing a support that includes a functional cushion around the kneecap provides pain relief.  A breathable skin-friendly knit reduces irritation or slipping as it adapts to your every movement.  The Bauerfiend GenuTrain knee support provides a secure hold for the knee joint as it includes meniscus wings and Hoffa pads, proven to relieve pain and provide pressure relief. 


Lumbar Spine:

Moderate muscle weakness, orthosis, postural disorders, degenerative spinal changes, or pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar vertebral syndrome), require proper support to correct alignment and reduce discomfort.  A proper back corset will provide adjustable compression to control motion and limit pain.  LumboLoc by Bauerfiend is a strong partner in combating back pain as the compressive effect upon the abdomen provides relief of the lumbar spine and can be individually adjusted by using the Velcro fastening. 

Medical Mart Mississauga is a loyal retailer of Bauerfiend products.  The testimonial stands alone as to why the company has been a firm partner of the Olympic Games since 2002.  They provide care to the athletes from all participating countries in the Olympics. 


At Medical Mart, our trained staff will take precise measurements to ensure your support is comfortable and securely in position, essential for maximum therapeutic effect.  Active living is an approach to life that includes physical activity in everyday living.  Having the proper support will allow you to continue in being active at work, home, school, home and during leisure time. 

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