6 key notes on the inaugural Mississauga Music Week

In a first for our fine city, Mississauga Music Week makes its debut this year from July 30th to August 4th at various venues featuring a plethora of talented, ambitious and driven artists.
We've put together six key notes about this inaugural event and encourage you to attend this all-ages, absolutely free celebration of many of Mississauga's artists.

Mississauga Music Week Modern Mississauga Media.jpg

1. The inaugural Mississauga Music Week is the first of its kind in our city. Inspired by other successful organizations such as Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, NXNE, Mississauga Music Week will bring much needed attention to the talented, thriving music community in Mississauga.

2. A total of 24 artists & bands will be performing at four venues over the course of six days for Mississauga Music Week 2018, including Matt Zaddy, Polarity, Lawless Sons, The Dreamboats, Keys to Belfast and many others.

3. To help increase the accessibility and awareness of Mississauga Music Week, they’ve ensured that every event is open to the public, all-ages and absolutely free to attend. 

4. At each show you can pick up a contest entry form which when filled out & dropped off on Friday or Saturday, you enter to win a $500 gift card from Long and McQuade.

Rock the Coliseum Modern Mississauga Media.jpg

5. The event’s grand finale is the 2018 Rock The Coliseum, which has been a strong success in promoting local artists for the past 11 years.  With Mississauga Music now producing, organizing and leading Rock The Coliseum, this was a perfect pairing to further bolster Mississauga’s music scene.

6. Co-founder Demetrius Nath of Mississauga Music explains why Mississauga Music Week is happening by saying "Mississauga Music's mission has always been to further the local music scene & showcase the best from Mississauga's music community. Bringing talent, establishments, businesses & audiences together is best way to make this happen. We are excited with the potential of this exciting, entertaining event and what it can accomplish for everyone involved."