Six tips to start the school-year right

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After a relaxing and eventful summer, it can be difficult to get back into the fast-paced daily school routine. From waking up early again to school supply shopping, getting ready for the new school year can be really overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because whether someone is starting grade one or university, returning to school can be an exciting and easy adjustment. If you or someone you know is going back to school soon, this article  provides tips on how to make this school year the best one yet. 

1. Make school supply lists specifically for each subject

It can be hard to know exactly what school supplies you need before you even walk into the classroom, but making lists specifically for each subject can really help prepare your backpack for the first day. Making subject-specific shopping lists also really helps to narrow down what you know you need from what you may need, which can save lots of time and money. For instance, a subject-specific school supply list for mathematics would likely include a calculator, pencil, geometry set and an eraser. By tackling your school supply shopping in smaller quantities, you can ensure that you’ll remember to buy everything you need without you (or your wallet) feeling overwhelmed.

2. Consider doing some shopping during September for better deals

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Sometimes you can feel as though you’re prepared for school but walk into the classroom on the first day and realize that you forgot to buy a bunch of items that you actually needed. But no worries, this happens all the time and is totally okay! In fact, stores know that it can be hard to find all the school supplies you need before the first day of school which is why they usually extend their ‘Back to School’ sales well into September. Additionally, many local stores near you, as well as your traditional ‘big box stores’, will also create new sales for last-minute shoppers even after the semester starts… happy shopping!

3. Try out new snack and lunch ideas

Eating practically the same thing every day can get old fast, especially for kids who generally get bored with food faster than adults. This is why it can be helpful to test out new and interesting snack and lunch options during summer to make sure you will have a wide variety of food options to enjoy during the year! It can also be nice to find creative ways of including healthy and energy-providing foods into your school-year diet to help you get through the day. Furthermore, if you have the opportunity to spend some time during the last few weeks of summer to try out new snack and lunch ideas it is highly recommended, as by the time the school year starts you will already be a ‘Super Chef’ at making your new favourite food. For help with new snack ideas click here and for lunch ideas click here.

4. Focus on preparing yourself academically

High school and post-secondary school can be quite challenging, especially because each year’s studies build on the previous year’s. To be prepared for the amount of new information you will be learning it is sometimes useful to review old work, if possible, as a refresher after summer. Another way to get academically ready for a new school year could be to set goals for yourself to achieve, whether they are to attain a specific grade average or simply to become better at a certain subject. Whatever the goal in question is, long-term and successful goal setting and overall success in school can also be achieved with the help of a study group. Moreover, everyone prepares for education differently but a few ways to ensure success is through reviewing old work, setting goals and participating in a study group.

5. Make changes to your schedule before school starts

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It can be hard to choose what courses you would like to take, especially when the process of choosing those courses has to be done almost a year in advance. It is because of this that, by the time the new school year rolls around, one may find themselves wishing they made a different decision. Of course, changes can always be made to a schedule – however, it can be more difficult to make any changes after the year has already started. This is why it can be helpful to go to your school during the last few weeks of summer (most open about two weeks before the semester begins for administration but this can always be confirmed by calling) and make any changes that need to be done before the year officially starts. If you have the opportunity, making an early appointment with your guidance councillor will ensure a smooth and organized start to the year. 

6. Purchase a planner or download an organizational app

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Between homework, assignments, tests, extra-curricular activities and more, school can get incredibly busy. Therefore, a planner can be the perfect tool to help keep you organized and on track during the school year. Not only will a planner keep you structured and on task, it will also help with time management – which is essential for a student. If physically writing in a planner isn’t your thing, no worries because there’s an app for that! Some of the top-rated planner apps for both apple and android phones include: myHomework Student Planner, MyStudyLife, and Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks. Furthermore, whether you choose to use a traditional agenda or download an app to keep you organized, your planner will be the key to your success this year.