On the joys of August


July introduced us to summer but now August is fully into summer.  Our tans are darker and barbeques are a constant.  Our favourite Canadian beverages at this time are beer and lemonade.

As we look across Lake Ontario, it is hazier because the water has warmed up.  It is so refreshing to walk lakeside and wade in the water.  There are so many beaches and pools to enjoy.  The sounds of summer are crickets at night and cicadas during the hot days, bees buzzing around, and thunderstorms quickly coming and going drenching the grass and soil.  Flowers are profusely blooming. Backyards have multiple squirrels scurrying and birds chirping.  The days are shorter and nights are longer and warm and easy to enjoy. At work, people enjoy outside lunches sitting on park benches.  The sidewalk is full of people enjoying walking in their noon hour.

We have the Civic holiday long weekend.  In August, we celebrate International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (9th), International Youth Day (12th) and World Humanitarian Day (19th).  

August launches the CNE and it almost predicts the summer ending.  There are concert series under the stars in the parks and Benares House. Movie nights are enjoyed under the stars at Celebration Square and Theatres and Art are in our parks.  Multiple Festivals are being enjoyed celebrating different cultures – Mosaic, Italfest, Japan, Iraqi and Muslimfest.


Farmers’ Markets are so luscious and celebrate earth’s crops.  What a wonderful adventure and selection in local fresh veggies and fruits.  Sweet and plentiful fruits like peaches, pears, plums, apples, watermelons are available in wooden baskets.  Veggie crops are plentiful like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, corn on the cob, carrots and root veggies.  What a wonderful array of fruits and vegetables.

Mississauga is proud to be hosting OSGA 55+ (Ontario Senior Games Association) this month.  In Toronto, Rogers Cup 2018 Tennis welcomes people from all over.  Golfers and golf clubs are the most active at this time.  Sports are the activities of the season and soccer, baseball, rugby, cycling, swimming, and so much more are there to enjoy playing but also being an onlooker.

August's end is about preparing for the school year and children are either dreading or anticipating going back.  What a wonderful month!  From earth’s goodness to our activities to enjoying the wonderful hot weather, this is a wonderful time of the year.