Medical Monday - Do you need compression therapy relief?


Do you have tired legs? Swollen feet & ankles? Spider or varicose veins? prolonged sitting or standing?  Are you going for a long-distance travel or you pregnant? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you may need compression therapy relief.  Similar to applying pressure on a wound, compression therapy, is a process in which pressure is applied as a graduated compression, strongest at the ankle and decreasing up the leg.  Compression therapy is a simple and effective means of increasing blood flow activity in the lower limbs through strengthening the support of your veins.  This form of wound care aims to gently apply pressure by wearing specifically designed stockings, socks, tights, or bandages.  

Here are some important info on compression therapy:

1.    What is compression therapy used for?
Compression therapy systems applied externally to the lower leg increase pressure on the skin and underlying structures to counteract the force of gravity.  Symptoms are relived in the lower limb by acting on the venous and lymphatic systems to improve removal of fluid (blood and lymph) from the limb.  By squeezing the walls of the veins and leg tissues, compression stockings help blood in the veins return to the heart.  They can also improve the flow of the fluid, known as lymph, that bathes the cells in the legs.  Improving the flow of lymph can help reduce tissue swelling.

2.    Who should use compression therapy?
In medical terms, compression therapy is used to treat lymphedema, phlebitis, thrombosis, aftercare following surgery, sclerotherapy, and any other forms of varicose vein treatment. It is also prescribed to relieve all conditions of chronic venous disease (varicose veins, edema, heavy legs, and leg ulcers).  It can also be prescribed to prevent venous issues during pregnancy and long-distance travel. 


3.    What are the benefits?
•    Increases:  draining of noxious substances, venous blood flow, movement of tendons and joins
•    Reduces:  an elevated edema of the tissue, inflammation, pathologically elevated venous pressure, venous blood volume, reflux in diseased superficial and/or deep veins

4.    Can you wear compression socks all day and night?
You may wear athletic compression socks and sleeves during the day, but you should take them off before going to bed to avoid cutting off your circulation.  Some people do need to wear compression socks at night because of health issues or post-surgery hence be sure to consult a doctor.  You should have your legs measured and stockings replaced every three to six months.


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