The Biggest Winners from the 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards

The brewers of Ontario gathered last week for the 2018 edition of the Ontario Brewing Awards (OBA) to celebrate the best beers this side of the country. The OBAs showcase diverse beers from breweries across Ontario in over 40 categories.

Below, we recap the 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards by highlighting the biggest winners. To see the complete list of winners head over to the brewing awards’ website.

Amsterdam Brewing Co.

Amsterdam Brewery.jpg

Perhaps the biggest winner of the night — Amsterdam Brewing Co went home with a slew of wins at the award show. Based out of Toronto, Amsterdam Brewing won the prestigious best of show award along with gold for Rational Energy in the barrel aged red wine category, bronze for Double Tempest in the barrel aged whisky category, gold for Spotted Cow in the witbier category and bronze for 3 Speed in the light category.

Wellington Brewery

One of Canada’s oldest independently-owned microbreweries, Wellington Brewery, based in Guelph, also cleaned up at the awards by taking home six medals. Wellington won gold for Helles Lager in the craft lager category, gold for #LagerDave Pils in the German pils category, silver for Special Pale Ale in the British pale ale category, gold for Imperial Russian Stout in the imperial stout category, gold for UVB-76 Boris in the barrel aged whisky category and gold for Yuletide Barley Wine in the barley wine category.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

Sleeping Giant Brewing.jpg

Located on the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company offers distinct, full-flavoured, authentic ales and stouts which can be attested by their performance at the Ontario Brewing Awards. They were awarded gold for Grass Roots Lager in the light category, silver for Amber Lager in the amber lager category, silver for Northern Logger in the blonde ale category and silver for Love & Happiness in the imperial stout category.

The Grove Brew House

Opened just last year, the Kingsville Grove Brew House is already making waves with their now award-winning products. With the use of hand-selected ingredients and locally sourced components, the Grove Brew House manages to produce flavourful brews which helped them snag silver for Paradise Lager in the craft lager category, bronze for 1933 Marzen in the Oktoberfest/Marzen category, bronze for Workhorse Brown Ale in the American brown ale category and silver for Clubhouse Stout in the stout category.

Cameron’s Brewing Co

Cameron's Brewing Company.jpg

This family-run brewery based in Oakville is dedicated to brewing delicious, quality, locally crafted beer. And Cameron’s Brewing Co’s hard work and dedication paid off with six wins at the Ontario Brewing Awards — winning gold for Black Forest Dark Lager in the dark lager category, gold for Deviator Doppelbock in the doppelbock category, silver for Dark & Sticky IBA in the dark IPA category,  gold for Ambear Red Ale Gold in the amber ale category, bronze for Crooked Nose Stout in the stout category and silver for Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale in the Rauchbier category.

Muskoka Brewery

Nestled in the heart of Muskoka, the Muskoka Brewery is known for handcrafted premium beers. Their passion to create great beer that people can enjoy has been praised three-fold at the Ontario Brewing Awards. They managed to reap victory in the form of three awards: gold for Hazed and Confused in the American IPA category, bronze for Cool as Cuke in the vegetable beer category and silver for Shinnicked Stout in the flavoured stout category.