Getting over uncomfortable undergarments


With billions of us across the world, we’re built in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Outerwear (jackets, shoes, etc.,) can be easier to manage opposed to the clothing not seen in public. And that, friends, is good ol’ undergarments. By adulthood, we’ve (hopefully) got a good handle on what’s comfortable beneath our clothing as well as what style is preferred.

Prior to that are the formidable pre-teen and teen years, where a huge swatch of undergarments are tried, loved, disliked, put in the maybe pile, and revisited several times.

For the young females, things are certainly unique as they’ll be experiencing their introduction to their periods and the growing pains surrounding them.

Fortunately, Knixteen has a remarkable new product aptly named the “‘Oh-No' Proof Period Bikini For Teens.” They’re crafted with super soft LYCRA SPORT® fabric and carbon cotton, which helps the wearer stay dry opposed to being inundated with menstrual flow. They boast a seamless design that eliminates those pesky underwear lines, regardless of why type of pants you’re wearing. Best of all, it includes a super thin built-in panty liner that absorbs 1-3 tsp of moisture, fights odor and keeps fabric fresh, giving the user a less stressful period.


The Knixteen team says “These uber comfy, classic-cut period undies help focus on doing what you love, not worrying about what you don’t. It’s a breathable panty so that you can breathe easy. You’ll love these cute period panties — the classic bikini style is easy to wear all day. These briefs look and feel just like any bikini brief — but they’ve got a secret weapon hidden inside in the shape of super powerful moisture-wicking fabrics. This popular fit is a customer favorite — perfect for teens and tweens of all shapes and sizes. Plus, they absorb 1-3 teaspoons of blood (that’s the equivalent of 2 regular tampons!). They’re totally seamless as well. Their innovative leak-proof design is built with teen menstruation in mind. They help you feel fresh and odor-free throughout your period and don’t itch, rub, or cut into your skin. The fabric helps wick away moisture and sweat, keeping you bacteria-free and fresh as a daisy. Also, they’re also easy to clean.”

We’re all created differently through various dimensions and with this product, the varying sizes help make it easier to be comfortable during what can be an uncomfortable few days.