Living with and managing rosacea

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The human face is a delicate and sensitive thing.  In a perfect world, there’d be no acne, rashes, breakouts and certainly no rosacea.  And while there are plenty of “quick fixes” for the aforementioned, some of them are simply Band-Aid solutions for that important meeting/interview.  The over the counter health and beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry that seems to always have the latest and greatest solution to our facial follies.
For some of us, we can be sensitive to any blemishes on our face as it can feel like people are looking at our skin condition instead of our face.
In the case of rosacea, it’s been classified as a long term skin condition, primarily affecting the face and there’s surprisingly not as much information on this condition.

The Independent Pharmacy says that “despite its high rate of incidence, medical knowledge of rosacea and its causes area fairly limited. Some medical professionals believe that the activity of peptides, small molecules in the skin, cause the reaction. It is thought that when stimulated by certain factors, peptides interact with the immune cells in the skin, triggering an inflammatory reaction. Another possible cause is microscopic mites, known as Demodex folliculorum, which usually live harmlessly on the skin. If their population grows for one reason or another, this could create rosacea-like symptoms. Irregular blood vessel function is also associated with the condition.”

The Independent Pharmacy offers a solution via Finacea, which is a prescription-only rosacea gel. Its active ingredient, azelaic acid, works by preventing keratin cells from blocking pores and also killing certain bacteria on the skin. It is used over the course of several months, for a maximum of six months.

There above outlines a strong option available for those who have to carefully manage their life with rosacea to help boost body image for those who feel self-conscious about this condition.