Six ways to have a successful home reno for couples

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Dreaming of updating your home this fall? Whether you plan to DIY or hire professionals, moving timelines and out of control budgets that often go along with renovations can cause major stress and put an unexpected strain on even the strongest couples.

A remodel shouldn’t mean divorce. Expert contractor, Jordan Spear, has put together his list of top six tips to keep your reno as stress-free as possible and to prevent fights before they begin.

Plan, Plan and then plan some more

While planning is often seen as the least exciting part of a renovation, it is the most important, especially when you want to ensure that everyone is happy with the final product. Deciding what you want to achieve will mean you have a goal and something to refer to if things get off track.

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Create a Wishlist

You may think you know what your partner wants but putting it down in writing ensures you are both aligned. Create a wish list before a single tool is picked up, or a single dollar spent. Try to find common tastes in style, colours, textures. Mixing too many competing ideas all together will end up with a very scary result.

Money Matters

Always discuss budget prior to beginning as finances is one of the biggest contributors to renovation stress. Discuss your maximum budget and try to stick within it. Money problems never contribute to a healthy relationship, and a home renovation can get expensive. Try to allot 15-20% or more for unknowns, as renovations are rarely hurdle-free.

Ticking Timelines

Create a timeline to help you decide what’s needed first. Making decisions when the clock is ticking is stressful, and can lead to bad work, more delays, and more money, all which can negatively affect a relationship. After the “needs” are decided, take time to discuss “wants”. Having realistic goals will keep your eye on the prize and allow you to cruise through the stressful times when they arrive.

Take a break

Living in the middle of a major renovation for long stretches can create resentment towards the project which can spill over onto your significant other. Take a few days off to reacquaint yourself with your partner. Whether it’s a night out for dinner, or a weekend away, reconnecting will allow you both to destress. The whole reason for your remodel is to enjoy your new space with your family, so don’t let it be the reason for fights and arguments.

Make it fun

Get the kids involved too! Simple tasks like painting or cleaning up are a great way to start. When kids feel they are contributing to the final renovation result, it can do wonders for their self-esteem, which will lead to them wanting to help more. Actively doing tasks is a great way to bring the whole family together.

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