In conversation with the new General Manager of the Streetsville BIA - Amber Pajtasz

We chat with the new General Manager of the Streetsville BIA, Amber Pajtasz, to find out how she sees Streetsville evolving over the next four years, what she did prior to this, what one item she can’t live without and if she does, in fact, prefer pineapple on her pizza…and a lot of other interesting things about this bright, ambitious and talented community member.


1. What attracted you to the Streetsville BIA?
I was thrilled to start working with the Streetsville BIA because it has a foundation built by people who truly care about this community and supporting small local business. We are in an exciting time of transition and growth and it is really fun and rewarding to be a part of it. Plus I get to take Mississauga’s beautiful Scenic Route to and from work every day, very zen.

2. What did you do prior to this?
Events and Marketing Coordinator for the Port Credit BIA

3. What travel location is on your bucket list and why?
Chile. I would like to visit Easter Island and see the Moai statues.

4. What was the most resounding lesson you learned from your career so far?
To have confidence in myself and my in work.


5. How do you see Streetsville evolving over the next four years?
Having just had elected a new Board we will be working with stakeholders to create a strategic plan of where we would like to see Streetsville in the next year, four years, and long term. I see Streetsville maintaining its historical charm while blending with an urban vibe as we have begun to attract many new entrepreneurs.

6. Describe Streetsville in six words:
Community, Beautiful, Historical, Fun, Flowers, and Charming  

7. Road trip or train ride?
Train ride, because I have not been on one yet.

8. Pineapple on pizza?

Of course!

9. What's the one item you've bought you cannot live without?  
My Instant Pot.


10. What are some misconceptions about Streetsville?
It’s a “quaint” Village. We offer over 300 shops, professional services, a variety of international cuisine and award winning restaurants.  We host signature festivals such as The Bread and Honey Festival, Canada Day, and Christmas in the Village. We are surrounded by trails, parks, and recently the City of Mississauga and the Streetsville Horticulture Society has created a Pollinator Garden beside the BIA Office, we encourage everyone to visit!  Our Village Square has become a hub for activities such as yoga, salsa and live entertainment. Streetsville is vibrant business community supported by local merchants who want to make your experience enjoyable and memorable.

11. If I gave you a time machine, would you go forwards or backwards, to what year and why?  

The Victorian Era so I can wear the dresses.