Learn about Mississauga's "Freedom 2019" event

What exactly is Freedom 2019?

"Freedom 2019" is a special evening where various communities in the peel will get together to celebrate social justice and freedom of speech. There will be inspiring speeches, scintillating dance performances by various cultures followed by live band, Dj, dinner and dance. There will be   grass root organizations like Family services of Peel and Women’s advocate groups like Immigrant women in buisness. Women in Film and TV. There will be Toastmasters and Ted ex superstars. They are all coming together to celebrate Freedom speech. Even though we are in the developed country and freedom of speech is our civil right, many a time we are not able to exercise these very rights. Freedom 2019 is an advocate of social justice.

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Where did the idea come from?

New Horizon Media Arts makes film on social justice and we have 2 films under productions and have no funding. Both the talent and technicians have vision to do social justice films. So, Freedom was born as a fundraiser and soon it became a platform to share freedom stories.

How long has this been in the planning phase for?

This event was always in my mind. I have done events for others, but this was special. I wanted to always bring the stakeholders, the partners, the community together. Active planning for this event started a year ago and then we had monthly and weekly updates.

Is there a website where people can learn more about you and your company?

The event page is https://newhorizonmediaarts.ca/freedom-2019

Why did you pick Mississauga to host Freedom 2019?

Mississauga is the heart of multi-culture I am a Mississauga resident and most of the social justice film themes I am working are from Mississauga, so it made sense to stay with in Peel region.

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Where can people buy tickets to this event?


What one takeaway would you like to have from attendees?

I would like each attendee to experience freedom and share a freedom story with other attendees.

Why is this such an important event?

This is an important event because we will be able to share our stories without inhibitions. We will not be pre-judged. There will be very inspiring moments when we will hear about domestic violence, human trafficking, women and sports, mental health and youth. New Horizon Media Arts will be screening the 3 production trailers.

Is there a website where people can connect with you?


Freedom story writing contest.

Do you have a Freedom story you want to share? Your Freedom stories! Please email me at info@newhorizonmediaarts.ca . If it is a prose or poetry, then the word limit is 500. This needs to be in Times New Roman. 12pt. You can submit in word or adobe. If it is a video it needs to be under 2 min unedited in M4 format All submissions must be age appropriate. This needs to be original work. Hence will need the author name and date and location and date of birth. This should not be part of any published work. This will also give rights to New Horizon Media Arts Inc for any kind of reproduction or publication in the future. https://www.facebook.com/events/809184579431197/